Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Beatnix" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Here's what Steve Huey of AMG has to say about The Beatnix:

The Beatnix' It's Four You is the work of painstaking archivists who gathered all 19 Lennon/McCartney compositions that were given to other artists (like P.J. Proby, Cilla Black, Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Peter & Gordon, etc.) and never recorded for Beatles albums. The Beatnix perform these songs faithfully, in a strongly Beatlesque style that crosses the line from influence into imitation. But that's the point of the album -- giving power-pop fans a chance to hear what these songs probably would have sounded like had the Beatles kept them -- and in that sense, it accomplishes exactly what it set out to do.

I've always loved this. It's a brilliant idea, executed to perfection. And now sadly, unavailable. Though HERE is the Amazon link, if you want to buy for $119.00.


i'm in love
nobody i know
if you've got troubles
it's for you
hello little girl
like dreamers do
step inside love
that means a lot
i don't want to see you again
one and one is two
bad to me
tip of my tongue
i'll be on my way
world without love
from a window
i'll keep you satisfied
love of the loved


The holiday weekend may inspire me. I'll have some time on my hands, so I may slap together one more fun mix for your day at the beach. Stay tuned and have a great one!


misospecial said...

great holiday weekend mix and possible bonus mix? hot damn, one of my favorite weekends in new york (the one where all the summer people decamp for their summer shares, leaving the city to us) now has a soundtrack.



This album makes me smile! Thank you so much.

You mention maybe making a holiday weekend mix (and I hope you do). Here in Canada, last weekend was the first long weekend of the summer. I had to do a bit of driving so I went through stuff you have introduced me to, reminded me of, triggered some old bit of memory ... and made a few mixes of songs from Burningwood.

Driving my daughter and a friend up north they were impressed. Not only are you a cool guy -- I'm a cool dad!

Speaking of summer holiday weekends do you know the old Crowbar song "Million Dollar Weekend?" (or am I being too old and too parochial?)

Many thanks and have a great weekend!

steve simels said...

This is great stuff. But my favorite in this regard remains The Spongetones version of McCartney's "Wings of a Nightingale," the song Paul gave to the Everly Bros for their 80s comeback.

The Spongetone's version is perfect 1964 Merseybeat, but with George's slide stuff from "All Things Must Pass" slathered on top. Brilliant!!!

Sal Nunziato said...

Why don't I have that Spongetones song?

And Jayessemm,

Thanks for the note. I do not know that Crowbar tune.

soundsource said...

yeah give us one of your great summer mixes to kick off the official summer season and thanks for this in the meantime

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sal! And speaking of the Beatnix, have you ever seen/heard their version of "Stairway to Heaven." Genius!

Bruce Handy

Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE that CD, but I don't think I love it $120 worth -- I may have to sell it!
Any suggestions where to sell it Sal?

Phillip Chaussee, long time reader, first time poster

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this. Thanks to you, now i heard of it and will be able to hear it.
The perks of being a Burning Wood faithful continue to grow.

Meanstreets said...

Our mutual friend, Martin Scorsese, is in the process of completing a documentary of " a friend of us all ", George Harrison.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this excellent compilation. It is virtually impossible to find. I first heard about it recently on the Coverville Podcast and wish I knew why it was no longer available. Outstanding stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great album.
Thank you very much.