Thursday, June 3, 2010

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR: The Battle Of The Bands Vol. 1

I'd like to first say, if you don't own The Chambers Brothers "The Time Has Come," the time has come. Rarely cited in discussions about all time great soul records, "The Time Has Come" subtlely blows my mind every time I play it. Buy it HERE

That said, here are 5 versions of the Wilson Pickett/Steve Cropper classic. I'm kinda partial to The Chambers Brothers' version, at least this week.







steve simels said...

One of the Chambers Bros -- Lester, I think -- wound up as a maitre d' at Kenny's Castaways in the early 80s.

It used to really make me feel uncomfortable when he would take me to a table. Not to mention providing a cautionary lesson about that fame shit being a bitch.

cooljerk said...'s hard for me to think of that chambers bros. album as one of the great soul records...i always liked the lp, and the band was very good (saw them live a couple times) but their music wasn't even pure soul...i would call it more like psychedelic soul added to equal parts of gospel and rock...definitely a nice blend but nothing i would consider a part of the soul tradition ...steve

Sal Nunziato said...

Cooljerk Steve, I think that's exactly my point. If you take the 11 minute title track out of the mix, it's pretty pure.


I remember Lester being there, though that's all I remember.

Anonymous said...

Only on your blog Sal would you tell us how great The Chambers Brothers "The Time Has Come" is yet you put sound clips of another song.
You're unbelievable!!!
Keep it up!!!

Robert F. Dolcimascola

Sal Nunziato said...


I'm confused. Is the Chambers Brothers track not there? Should be?

Gene Oberto said...

If I can remember being back in that time when music was blurring and the definitive lines between soul (WLIB), pop (WMCA/WABC) and "underground" (WNEW-FM) were breaking down, it was the Chambers Brothers that opened the eyes of this socially naive young man.

Sure, there was "blue eyed soul" (the Rascals and the personal favorites, The Magnificent Men)and Jimi Hendrix, but the Experience was from England, so he didn't count as it wasn't until later that I learned of his roots.

But the Chambers Brothers were black guys who didn't have suits and choreography and played their own instruments and, well, rocked! It blew my mind then, I played the Lp incessantly, was pissed off when the radio cut the title track for a single and, if the fog of remembering has lifted enough, wasn't it a double Lp as well?

They really broke some boundaries back then.

Sal Nunziato said...

Nice words, Gene.

"The Time Has Come" is one LP. "Love, Peace & Happiness" is a double. Also, for some further listening, "New Generation" is also quite good.

allen vella said...

always one of my favorites..I saw them at my high school..Mater Christi, in your neighborhood '68 or 9..great blend of psychedelic soul and rock..awesome voices..

Veronica said...

only on burning wood; thanks for putting a smile on my face. One great song five great musical interpretations....... loved hearing it!