Sunday, June 27, 2010

SELLING WOOD: The Record Store Is Back...

...sort of.

Aah yes, the good old days, when you'd visit your local record shop, flip through the bins, and find that elusive rarity or surprising bargain. Seems like only yesterday. I know I miss it, both as the customer and the proprietor.

Welcome to Selling Wood, a record store...sort of.

I will post one item from my vast collection just about everyday. If you are interested in something, be the first one to leave a comment committing to buy under that item. I'll confirm, and then all you will have to do is click on the "Donate" button to finish it up.

You can check out Selling Wood at

Or, you can just click on the photo of my burning face.

There's a week's worth of goodies to get started.

I've set prices, but will entertain reasonable offers, especially if they are more than what I am asking. And pay attention! You just may find something going for a lot less than it should. (Gotta keep you on your toes.)

Nothing changes for you loyal Burning Wood enthusiasts. Posts will continue daily, as will the "Weekend Mixes." Just know, one click of my flame-embroiled face and you may find that missing piece to your collection.


steve simels said...

Very cool idea...

I'm almost tempted to make a bid on that Byrds bootleg.

Let me ponder..

Troy said...

The Who DVD looks a bit tempting..

Eric said...

sal---i just got a car dropped on me with a CASSETTE PLAYER....whatcha got in that arena?