Wednesday, July 21, 2010

David Egan

Don't you just love David Egan? You know, David Egan?

(I was afraid of that.)

Shreveport, Louisiana's David Egan has been writing songs since the mid-seventies. Fans of New Orleans and its Jazz Festival will of course know Egan as a fine solo artist and member of the "supergroup" Lil' Band O' Gold, along side such Louisiana heroes Warren Storm, C.C. Adcock, and Steve Riley. Few others know David Egan at all. His songs have been covered by Percy Sledge, Maura O'Connell, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Etta James, Solomon Burke, Irma Thomas, Marcia Ball, and John Mayall, for starters. He's a wonderful piano player and his singing voice, sounding more than a little at times like Boz Scaggs, has a soulful ache that could melt the iciest hearts.

In his 30 plus year career, Egan's only released 2 solo records, 2003's "20 Years Of Trouble" and 2008's "You Don't Know Your Mind." Both of these records play as if they were tailor-made for those of us who pine for the sounds of Crescent City with everything from greasey funk, swamp pop, jump blues, and good time Cajun beats, all with David Egan's melancholy and personal storytelling.

Please enjoy the title track from "You Don't Know Your Mind" and "Dreamer," from the new Lil' Band O' Gold record "The Promised Land," which has secured a spot on my year end list of the best of 2010.


And please buy both of these killer records!






I've done nothing this morning but play these two songs.

Better find a way to buy those records (my concern is cross border shipping not the price of the CDs)

Many thanks!

Noam Sane said...

Very nice stuff, "Mind" is indeed somewhat Boz-ish (reminds me of "It All Went Down the Drain") and "Dreamer" is lovely and hypnotic in that laid-back N'awlinz way. I will endeavor to obtain one or both of those records. Mucho thanks.

cooljerk said...

you are doing a great service for the artists who labor in relative obscurity--spreading the word and introducing the work of some wonderful musicians to an appreciative audience; by providing your readers with a continuing stream of excellent music, burning wood speaks to the music lover as a case in point, i've just ordered a copy of the david egan album...thanks for posting...steven

Kevin said...

"Spoonbread" is the song of the year. ("Tragedy" is a close second.)
Have you heard of the Bluebirds, also from NO? Buddy Flett co-wrote "First You Cry," and they perform it on their first album. Awesome song.
The first 2 Bluebird albums have some cool songs, but I'd avoid the 3rd. Also check out Buddy's solo disc.
BTW, There are live videos of LBOG on YouTube.

Sal Nunziato said...

You are right on about "Spponbread."

And thanks for the Bluebirds tip. I hadn't heard their first 2 records.

I'm jonesin' for a new CC solo record.