Friday, July 23, 2010

"Groove Making" : THE WEEKEND MIX

It started with the title track, an amusing little groove maker from the "Crying In The Streets" man, George Perkins. Not the greatest soul number ever recorded, but I'm in love with it nonetheless, especially when Perkins calls out for support and one or two startled voices respond with a tepid, "Yeah."

The rest seemed to fall in place. Each song falls into its own special pocket, whether being led by a Hammond organ or a bad-ass funk beat. It's gonna be a steamy one this weekend, with temps hitting 100. Hope the mix is appropriate for whatever you do.

Enjoy the weekend!


Let It Roll- Ernestine Allen
The Ironic Twist- Jimmie Vaughan
Groove Making- George Perkins
Dresses Too Short- Syl Johnson
Save Me- Aretha Franklin
Let It All hang Out- The Hombres
You're My Girl- Rod Stewart
10-4 (Calling All Cars)- Benny Spellman
1-2-3- Jimmy Smith
S.G.B. (Stone Graveyard Business)- Eddie Bo
Garbage Man- Family Vibes
Mobetta's Blues- Maurice Brown & Bobby Broom
The Payback/I Mean You- T.J. Kirk
Unwind Yourself- Marva Whitney
Little Girl- Muddy Waters



steve simels said...

Oh god, I'd forgotten "The Ironic Twist." Thanks for that one...

Noam Sane said...

Looks great. Will be my soundtrack tomorrow morning as I sweat several pints on the local sidewalks.

Reminds me of the kind of mix you get over at Funky 16 Corners. Are you familiar with that blog, Sal? That guy is one of the all-time great music bloggers, he's been at it for years and he's a real encyclopedia of old soul music.

Anyway, thanks as always. I'm enjoying your reminiscences as well.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Noam, I do know Funky 16 and have Larry to thank for many great soul finds. (It is Larry, isn't it?)

misospecial said...

perfect. helps me forget the swelter, or get with it (if absolutely necessary). stay cool, guys...