Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Night Covers #2: Jack White Does Paul McCartney



FD13NYC said...

Embarrassing! Struck a nerve here, ouch. Jack White is considered highly revered to some people. To me, he's a no talented, loud, noisemaker. That Whites Stripes stuff I never got either. The music is just a thumping unmelodic racket. (that's just me)

Now I'm listening to Paulie's versions of those 2 songs to calm my nerves. Ahhhhhhh!!

Sal Nunziato said...


I never got on board the White Stripes train...until I saw them live.

Watching just two people, one of which is about as adept on the drums as Little Ricky, fill up a packed MSG, wise a bit mind-blowing. Then I realized, it was all Jack White.

The man can play the guitar.

I quite like this Macca melody. I thought he pulled it off nicely.

cmealha said...

I'm really ambivalent about him. I agree that he's a talented if somewhat sloppy guitartist and there are things he does that suck me in but it's his singing that really annoys me. There are a lot of bad 'singers' out there that we listen to because they stay within their limits and it works. Jack always eems to be trying for that note that he'll never reach and it just doesn't work for me. This cover is a case in point. It starts off well enogh. The guitar is done well and the vocals are somehwat in check until her gets to the second half where he loses me.

anythingshouldhappen said...

I'm with you on Jack White Sal!

You know only too well what I think of McCartney, if he hadn't been a Beatle, he'd be signing on now.

Sal Nunziato said...

"If he hadn't been a Beatle, he'd be signing on now."

That's pretty hilarious, ASH!