Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Morning From Downtown New Orleans

"Can I get a Maker's on the rocks?"

"We're out of Maker's."

"How about a Wild Turkey on the rocks?"

"Um..we're out of Wild Turkey."

"Hmmm...what kind of bourbon do you have?"

"Southern Comfort."

Landed in New Orleans last night for the Ponderosa Stomp, the annual gathering of unsung heroes of rock, soul, country, blues and more.

Performances this year will include The Trashmen, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Duane Eddy, Barbara Lynn, LaLa Brooks, Roy Loney & Cyril Jordan, Thee Midnighters, Young Jessie, Lazy Lester and more.

There is also a film festival, with a sneak preview of "The Bayou Maharajah," Lily Keber's documentary on James Booker, as well as the usual activities that take place on a nightly basis in this great city, including a solo performance by Jon Cleary and last night's very hot performance by America's premier sousaphone, washboard, guitar trio, the Tin Men.

Posting will be sporadic, but I will get up photos and reviews when I can.


steve simels said...

Duane Eddy was on Letterman or Conan, around the time he was getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He was asked "What do you think your greatest contribution to rock n roll was?"

And without missing a beat he said "I never sang."

Gene Oberto said...

Have fun, Bubba. Been a long time comi' and much needed by thou, methinks.

Been knee deep in musing on Jersey as BS celebrates 61.

Aaron said...

Sounds like heaven to me. Have a great time. I await your updates.

cmealha said...

Duane Eddy's alive?!

cooljerk said...

Sal...Hope you're enjoying for me, I suppose I'll be pre-ordering the dvd of the Booker documentary on Amazon...

Troy said...

Very very jealous.

Hope you have fun!

charlie c. said...

Cool beans -- red, natch!
Stomp away have fun and bring back some funk in a mayonnaise jar for me!