Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Live From Daryl's House, Volume Three: Sharon Jones

I won't have access to my HD for the next few days, so Friday's "Weekend Mix" comes a bit early...and it's a good one.

Now showing over at Live From Daryl's House is this month's episode featuring everyone's favorite, Miss Sharon Jones.

I guarantee you will get more out of this if you go over there and watch it. After you do, you'll want the audio, so here it is.


100 DAYS

the zip




Maybe this is the oposit of recent discussions here. An artist I maybe dismissed and shouldn't have.

In the day I wouldn't have given Daryl Hall too much cred -- a few catchy tunes, nice voice, Hall & Oates went well together, ...

But the stuff I see and hear on his webcasts are so cool and he has such a command of music and such connection with other artists.

And add Sharon Jone to the mix -- man!

I saw / heard this show last week and it has been a constant in my rotation all week.


cmealha said...

The best show yet. Everyone needs to watch this. Sharon is the best singer anywhere, period. She does it seemingly without effort and is always on the money.

Carrot Top said...

You are the BOMB, Sal!!!!! I was really hoping you would post this. Any, any, any material you can post from Daryl's live show is so great. Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

The other great internet video/music show: Peter Himmelman's Furious World.

Check it out Sal.


Noam Sane said...

I was thinking about this group after seeing them on Austin City Limits earlier in the month. They should be right up my alley, but I just don't dig it. Why not, I asked myself.

Well, she's simply not that good a singer - very limited range, and on stage she just tries too hard. I'm glad she's into it and all, but all that quick-stepping and bouncing around is distracting. I'd rather she stand still and actually sing rather than boogie around and screech.

Not knocked out by the songwriting either; proof that even the best group of musicians is hard-pressed to breathe life into underwritten songs.

I'm certainly in the minority about this, from what I read, but when it comes to this sort of soul revue thing, I'll take Was/Not Was any day.

WHT said...

I had to watch the Himmelman show once. They had a Slender Shaper commercial halfway through, Jim Keltner as guest was interesting. Peter comes across like Jesse Ventura, a typical Minneapolis lout. Not bad, but Daryl's show has got the magic.

cmealha said...

"She's simply not that good a singer"? Whaaaat!

I know this is all subjective but out of curiosity who would you consider a good singer?

Sal Nunziato said...

Noam, I may have to go with cmealha on this one.

The "soul revue thing" can be a bit plastic sometimes. I thought I liked El "Paperboy" Reed, especially after his performance on Daryl's House, but he lost me with his new record. It's like musical Yoo Hoo. (the chocolate drink)

Sharon, on the other hand, seems to have a natural ability. Watching her vamp on Daryl's show, sealed it for me. She nailed it everytime.

As for the songwriting, I don't know. "I Learned The Hard Way" has some pretty sweet changes. (Ok, that's one song, but...)

maybe watch the show, THEN, go back to the albums.

cmealha said...

P.S. Listening to this again and that whole breakdown at the end of "It's Uncanny" is just nirvana.

Noam Sane said...

Good singer? Just compare how that band sounds backing Amy Winehouse, who seduces you rather than clubs you over the head.

Sal, I've heard that band a lot, they've been all over the teevee for the past couple years...but downloading now, always willing to try again.

cmealha said...

I agree with your comments about Amy Winehouse. I think she was the best thing that's come out in the last 10 years although it seems she's decided to waste it all There is a difference in style but I don't feel that Sharon Jones is the type of singer that clubs you over the head like so many singers. The quickest example I can think of is Christina Aguilera who believes that shouting and doing runs is what's all about. Sharon Jones to me is more like Aretha Franklin or Chaka Kahn with a bit less range. Natural , effortless and real. Please listen to the performances and to the albums. Theres a lot of great stuff to be had.

Anonymous said...

This is great stuff. Thank you Remy29