Friday, October 8, 2010

"October's Heavy Rotation" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I kinda made this mix for me, but I'm feeling like you may dig it, too. As usual, iPod shuffle reminds me of songs I had forgotten about, as well as hitting on songs I hadn't heard before, and this mix is a combo of both those ideas, plus a few that have been in very heavy rotation the last week or so.

You will be familiar with some, while others, I hope, will hit you like they hit me, like the very bizarre, yet completely infectious opening track by Spy Mob, or the big, happy sound of Sweden's Beagle.


2040- Spy Mob
Not Where It's At- Del Amitri
Yes Sir, That's My Baby- Hale & The Hushabyes
(A) Face In The Crowd- The Kinks
Bitterblue- Cat Stevens
Turn Down Day- The Cyrkle
I Walked- Wanderlust
Seen The Light- The Hot Rats
Never My Love- Ken Stringfellow
A Long Time, A Long Way To Go- Todd Rundgren
Silent Sigh- Badly Drawn Boy
In The Darkness- The Incredible Casuals
Mr. Dieingly Sad- The Critters
New Romance- Spider
A Different Sunday- Beagle
Rockets- Joe Walsh
Think About Me- The Toms
Back For Good- Take That
Jacko Under Pressure- Mark Vidler's Go Home Productions
Surf's Up- David Crosby, Vince Gill, & Jimmy Webb

Please enjoy, and keep those cards and letters coming. Feedback is welcome, especially when it's poilte and void of multisyllabic "K" words.



steve simels said...

I'm assuming that "Never My Love" is a cover of the Association song?

Kismet, apparently; I saw Jill Sobule (opening for Fountains of Wayne) do it last night. She's got a version of it as a duet with John Doe coming out, or so she said.

In any case, any mix with Del Amitri's "Not Where It's At" is okay by me.

Sal Nunziato said...

Yes it is, and it's a good one. How was FOW?

shausler said...

of course you draw me right in with the Bitterblue.

another great collection Sal!!


Noam Sane said...

Looks great! Thankyew!

And for you, Sal, Cee-lo doing "Fuck You" on Jools Holland.


steve simels said...

FOW were terrific. Previewed a bunch of songs from the new album, which were KILLER.

Plus Jill Sobule opened. Although she did not, as I had hoped, premier a new song about Katy Perry being eaten by wolves, she did sing a snippet of one of her own songs thusly.

"I kissed a girl....FIRST!"

Franklin said...

oo, "Mr. Dyingly Sad" -- I LOVE that song and had forgotten about it. What a lost classic.

jeff kisseloff said...

if you're a Casuals fan, let me recommend Chandler Travis's web site ( He's the loopy genius behind that group and behind Travis, Shook and the Club Wow, a great Boston-based outfit in the 70s.

DeepKarma said...

Sal, you've outdone yourself with this mix. Great stuff...especially the Hale & The Hushabyes cover. This site never ceases to amaze me.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Deep Karma. That felt good.

misospecial said...

perfect combination of old faves and fresh stuff. love it!

cmealha said...

Anything that includes The Toms is cool with me.