Friday, November 5, 2010


It all started with "2:19" by Tom Waits, first song played on iPod shuffle as I made my way into the city for some errands. Then over the course of the week, there had been some discussion with some friends about Alice Cooper, Split Enz & The Everly Brothers. Of course, there was the Black Crowes fiasco from yesterday. Then I thought of the Black Crowes cover of "Lucifer Sam," which made me think of Bowie's cover of "See Emily Play," which is from "Pin Ups," where he also covers Billy Boy Arnold. Is this little glimpse into my mind at all helpful, or does it just make you want to pat me on the head and say, "It'll all be ok, son?"

I have to admit, I quite like the way this all plays out.

I'm feeling this mix, so I hope you do, too.


Right Now- The Creatures
Exit- The Black Crowes
Lucifer Sam- Pink Floyd
Nobody Takes Me Seriously- Spilt Enz
2:19- Tom Waits
Our Lips Are Sealed- Terry Hall
Go To Hell- Alice Cooper
Bittersweet- Galactic
You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes
5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days- Louis Prima
Linin' Track- Taj Mahal
I Wish You Would- Billy Boy Arnold
Baby What You Want Me To Do- The Everly Brothers
Shake It- Howlin' Wilf & The Vee Jays
House For Sale- Nick Lowe
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone- Leon Redbone

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Gene Oberto said...

I didn't even get into the text, but I knew this would be a classic mix. I saw Louis Prima's puss, and I don't mean Keely Smith.

My Dad had little interest in music. It was my Mom with her show tunes and William B. Williams on WNEW-AM ("W. NEW -in New Yooork!") that gave me the music jones.

I do remember that my Dad had his favorites. He liked the music of his youth, James, Miller,the 40's Big Bands but with no particular favorites. He loved the Mills Brothers and would sing "Paper Doll" at the oddest times. The Jackie Gleason Orchestra are the only LP's I ever remember him buying.

But Louis and Keely was something special to him. "Old Black Magic" was injected into my brain stem and when they were on Ed Sullivan or Steve Allen, there was total silence in the room, until the set was done. He would ease back in the chair with a contented smile, and watch the rest of the show in disinterest, and I knew he was replaying the song behind those eyes.

Louis might have sung "I Ain't Got Nobody" but he sure had my Dad.

charlie c. said...

I, for one, like the peeks into the cranium . . . "and then that made me think of . . ." 'tis a wonder you get anything done at all!

misospecial said...