Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sick Again

On April 11, 1981, my cousin and I saw Utopia at the Palladium in NYC, or should I say, he saw Utopia. I only heard them. My eyes were closed and my head was resting on the seatback, as I suffered through a fever of 104 degrees. I refused to stay home.

Years later, when Jimmy Page toured with the Black Crowes, I shlepped my flu-ridden body, with clogged ears and swollen glands to the balcony of Roseland and toughed it out for what I think was a pretty good show. All I really remember was trying to swallow some water with what felt like a gourd lodged in my throat.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder it is to ignore symptoms, especially when you're a world-class neurotic like myself. This week began the week-long residency of The Black Crowes at the Nokia Theater, and as per usual, I thought I'd try to see a show or two, as this band never fails to excite me in a live setting. I thought my recent illness had been on its way to some other poor soul's body. I had been feeling good and looking forward, not only to the show but to seeing my friend who had never seen the band before.

I am disappointed to report, that 45 minutes into the show, whatever had knocked me down for 5 days last week, paid a surprise visit like a tsunami, though there is the theory that the breaded codfish sandwich I had at Walker's was more likely the cause than a relaspe.

We ran out of the theatre like breaking out of jail. This feeling of dread, with chills, headache and an overall sense of imminent death continued through yesterday and last night, hence the missing post.

My apologies to all readers, and especially to my friend, who made the long trip here for some of the worst company in the shortest amount of time she has ever experienced.

For the record, The Black Crowes, who mix up the set list every night, performed what I'd like to call, my "dream set list," adding insult to injury.

You can check it out if you care at

One more story, if I may.

One of the earliest Black Crowes performances I attended was in 1992 at New York's Beacon Theatre. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band was the opener. I was with my friend Sal and we both thought it was one hell of a show. The band did play a "new, unrecorded song," called "Exit." It was a riff-heavy rocker, that from 10 rows away, seemed like the greatest thing ever at the time. For years, that song haunted me. I couldn't find it on any bootlegs, and over the years, through many performances, I never got to see the band perform this song again.

In 2006, The Black Crowes released a 2 CD set called "The Lost Crowes," featuring all the songs they recorded for the 2 albums that should have been released in the mid-nineties, but never saw the light of the day. "Exit" was part of those sessions, but was inexplicably left off this collection. (At the time, I made a mental note to tell Chris Robinson off if I ever got the chance.)

The band has since reintroduced "Exit" to their live set, but it's rare.

They opened the second set with it on Tuesday night. I was already in fetal position, shivering in my bed. Feel sorry for me? Just a little?

I found a video of the Beacon performance from 1992, but this version from 1995 sounds better.

Hopefully, I'm back for good.


cooljerk said...

hope you're feeling's post has got me thinking rock and roll...i wonder how long that'll last, but i think i'm gonna swap out all my soul discs in my car's cd changer (even if it's only for today)

Capt. Willard said...

Hi Sal,

Excuse the comment clutter...
Wanted to let you know that we were zapped by The Man, but were back with a new home. If you could update/include us in your links, it would be greatly appreciated.


All the best,

Sal Nunziato said...

Will do, Willard. Nice to see you back.

My Car Runneth Over said...

How do, Sal. I came over here from Anything Should Happen and noticed you were looking for "Exit"... here's a studio version from a boot of the "Tall" sessions, at 320... enjoy!

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Bob! I've since found it, but thank you for looking out. I should have made that clear in the post.

Aaron said...

It's probably no consolation, but I can share with you that the year before moving west, my friend Greg and I went to see Arthur Lee/Love with Ron Argent/the Zombies play. It was a great show, but towards the end, the lunch I'd eaten in Chinatown while on jury duty reared its ugly head and I spent the last 45 minutes in the basement bathroom in agony, hearing the show faintly through the floor. I don't think I've been as sick since.

steve simels said...

[Let's try this again, in case my earlier attempt got eaten.]

Sal -- I know there's something going around, but maybe you need to have this looked at.

Just saying...

Meanstreets said...

Hey Sal,
Please ask your " Burning Wood " brothers & sisters to keep a good thought for " a friend of us all ", the great Charlie Louvin, extremely ill now....

We are headed to Austin, TX....there will be a benefit performance for him...

Sal Nunziato said...

Had the Louvins on today. Will do. Good trip and the best to Charlie.