Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Blues Is Everywhere

My first thought was to post "Jingle Bells" by The Singing Dogs, you know, in keeping with the holiday spirit. But, this video put me in a trance.

Taken from the 3 part DVD series, "The American Folk Blues Festival," which I can't recommend enough, please feel Memphis Slim. "The blues is in demand."

Every segment from this set of DVDs is absolutely stunning, by the way.


Gene Oberto said...


What a voice! Thnnks for that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. I saw Memphis at Ronnie Scott's in London in 1975 (I think). He was superb of course, but initially rather reserved...seemed wary of the English audience. But our enthusiasm eventually broke down his caution, he loosened up and gave one the best shows I've ever seen.

cooljerk said...

i've gone back to that set of dvds more than once and this was a reminder to revisit them again, soon