Monday, December 6, 2010

Todd On Monday : Oblivion Live

From the last of three shows at Chicago's Park West, here is a solid Utopia FM from the "Oblivion" tour of 1984. I've seen few tapes or broadcasts from this tour, having only two myself; one from Poughkeepsie and this, a more complete Chicago show recorded on 5/30/84.

"Oblivion" didn't sit well with me upon its release. The 80s production was thin, as was most of the material, though there are some genuine classics, like "If I Didn't Try," and the MTV hit, "Crybaby." It has since made nice, and I've grown attached to a few more songs, including the two Kasim Sulton sung ballads, "Maybe I Could Change" and "I Will Wait."

This live set shows the band as together as they've ever been, with "Love Of The Common Man" and "I'm Looking At You, But I'm Talking To Myself" both being particularly strong.  Vocally smooth and musically tight, with a slightly tweaked set list, Utopia's '84 tour, in retrospect, was a winner.

Too Much Water
Rock Love
Princess Of The Universe
If I Didn't Try
Love Of The Common Man
Abandon City
Set Me Free
Itch In My Brain
Love With A Thinker
I'm Looking At You, But I'm Talking To Myself
You Make Me Crazy
Swing To the Right
The Very Last Time
Last Of The New Wave Riders
Love Is the Answer



Shriner said...

I fully agree with your comments on "Oblivion" -- it's probably the one Utopia album I rarely go back to (apart from "Crybaby"...).

I know others love it, but it never really clicked for me.

Noam Sane said...

Nice setlist!

"Infrared and Ultraviolet" came on my shuffle just yesterday, and it gave me an itch to get out the Network album. This will pair up nicely.

Have to agree about the production on that album - I assume the cocaine was leading to bad decisions, but what do I know. Anyway, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Haven't even heard this yet, but I'll say in advance, thank you....Oblivion hardly...this band sounds more vibrant and essential now than they ever,live or whathaveyou...been meaning to use that word for years now!

Anonymous said...

One more thing...all their Network ouput(Oblivion included)was at the very least, interesting...Oblivion possibly the best, at least as good as the self-titled...

Anonymous said...

Ouch...third and last comment I promise...just checked and to my surprise, the self-titled album was the ONLY one on Network... gulp...let's just say Supergrass is as vibrant and essential as ever......

Runt Fan said...