Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Requests Fulfilled (Part One): "Todd Rundgren-Healing Live"

It is the time for giving, isn't it?

Someone asked for the entire show from where the live version of "Flesh" that appeared on the "Faves Of 2010" mix came from.  (That is one horrible sentence.)

Here it is, ripped from the remastered PPV.

It's the end of the year and I have to admit, I am feeling lazy, a bit under the weather, spent, depleted and still, very, very optimistic---I swear---about 2011.

So, if there are any requests, hit me now.

Keswick Theatre, Glendale, PA.- 9/15/10

Golden Goose
Tiny Demons
Healing>Time Heals
Sons Of 1984


(I'll get the "Todd" portion of the program up soon.)


Leslie said...

I'm guessing that Springsteen/Pinsky thing hasn't surfaced yet?

shausler said...

lawd oh lawd allmighty,

now that confirms Christmas for me!!!

thanks you Sal

Noam Sane said...

Thanks Sal, will enjoy this.

I was turned on to this record by an acquaintance who said it had saved his life. We fell out of touch, as often happens with casual friends, and though I can picture him, I can't even remember his name.

Life is weird.

Jean's Global Village said...

This is wonderful. I do plan to purchase any dvd that comes out eventually, but to have it sooner is WONDERFUL. Having a problem with it, though. Not opening on my computer. Does anyone have any tips for me?

Sal Nunziato said...

NO Leslie. Has not surfaced.

Jean, how far do you get? There are no problems on this end.

Jean's Global Village said...

Okay folks. I needed to sign in to my blogger account first. Then the download went smooooooth as silk!

misospecial said...

i can feel it working!

Anonymous said...

Sal for President! Thanks so much, man... I was the requestee on this one. Downloading now... can't wait to hear. Cheers to you and by the way I am very optimistic about the future, all signs to the contrary aside. Merry Christmas early!
- Peter Monk

wool said...

Hey Sal..any unusual Mott, Bowie, Lou type stuff in your bag?
Keep up the good work in 2011. You are the one must stop every day music page. Thanks for all the freebies.

Grey said...

Thank you!

Rob said...

Great stuff Sal. Many thanks to you. Would love the Todd live too. Rob

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the "Todd" portion of this show, and appreciate much the opportunity to hear this stuff without having to leave my On ipod shuffle, I've only heard "Flesh" so far...frankly, the vocal intro by Todd sounds like someone fell down an elevator shaft and was calling for help...will most def. play the rest of it...thanks much and keep on truckin'!(?)