Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Requests Fulfilled (Part Two): "Still I Dream Of You: Rare Works Of Brian Wilson"

This very rare Japanese release was requested months ago when I first featured the chills-inducing track by Hale & The Hushabyes, "Yes Sir, That's My Baby." It is a essentially a collection of Brian Wilson tunes written for other artists, as well as some side projects and productions. There are many gems to be found here, including the tres cool, early version of the Beach Boys' "Darlin'," Sharon Marie's "Thinkin' About You Baby" and Glen Campbell's "Guess I'm Dumb," which to my ears sounds like "Pet Sounds' with lyrics.


barbie- kenny & the cadets
what is a young girl made of- kenny & the cadets
the revo-lution- rachel & the revolvers
number one- rachel & the revolvers
the surfer moon- bob & cheri
humpty dumpty- bob & cheri
no go showboat- the timers
runaround lover- sharon marie
pamela jean- the survivors
i do - the castells
she ride with me- paul petersen
beach girl- the nodeans
he's a doll- the honeys
sacramento- gary usher
that's just the way i feel- gary usher
thinkin' about you baby- sharon marie
the story of my life- sharon marie
yes sir, that's my baby- hale & the hushabyes
farmer's daughter- basil swift & the seagrams
the monkey's uncle- annette
guess i'm dumb- glen campbell
things are changing- the blossoms
twelve-o-four- bob & bobby
baby, what you want me to do- bob & bobby
vegetables- laughing gravy
i'll keep on loving you- ron wilson
as tears go by- ron wilson
lady love- dino, desi & billy
barbie (take2)- kenny & the cadets
miss america- dante & friends
she rides with me- joey & the continentals
surfin' safari (Ariola Version)- the beach boys
karen- the beach boys



Anonymous said...

Sal, Do you have the Andy Paley sessions? Some incredible songs came out of that and very few have seen the light of day.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, sal. always good to revisit these trx.
& also thanks for the cool joe jackson covers.
i see there's a "real" boot of the springfield just out or coming out.

Sal Nunziato said...

NO go on the Paley stuff. Sorry.

Dennis said...

Brian Wilson is the best...TIA

Peter Ames Carlin said...

Nice one, Sal. Thanks for putting it up.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks.

Bruce Handy

charlie c. said...

This looks tasty!
Will it make me warm?!?

Blank Frank said...

Nice post. Thanks and happy holidays, Sal

Anonymous said...

Looks like Willard at Never Get Out Of The Boat Redux got the ax. Anyone know the full story?

Dolphy said...

Sal, great stuff. I once had this on a bootleg Japanese cassette! with notes in Japanese which I can not read, so this is a unrequested Holiday dream come true!


cmealha said...

I remember how blown away I was when you first turned me on to 'Guess I'm Dumb'. Can't wait to dig in and see what other treasures await.
Thanks as always.

Eric said...

lookking for some andy williams or lola falana?

Sal Nunziato said...

I have a VHS copy of "The Liberation Of L.B. Jones." Does that count?

James A. Gardner said...

One of my favorites out of BW's entire body of work. A wealth of delights.
Whatever happened to Sharon Marie? She was terrific. Paul Peterson sure couldn't sing, but even his vocal limitations can't drag down a production as effervescent as "She Rides With Me."
Whenever I play "Guess I'm Dumb," I wish Ray Shackleford (of Lewis Shiner's monumental GLIMPSES) could travel back to nudge Brian and Glen to do an entire album together.
A great gift from Sal, highly recommended to any who don't own already own it.

Anonymous said...

Another classic comp. from the master Zipper himself....Glen Campbell is God...oddly, my two other favorites are Dino, Desi, and Billy and Paul there a connection here?...hope to Christ not !

Ken D said...

Took me a little while to get this, but it sure is great.
Listening now... Many thanks, Sal.