Monday, January 24, 2011

Mountain Jack: Picking Up Where Swag Left Off

Last week's post on Swag put some fans in action. One reader, John Wicker sent me a few stray tracks I had been missing, as well as a recommendation that has been on heavy rotation. Let him tell you about it.

Volume alone dictates that many great bands will slip thru the cracks and be unheard by most music fans. Don’t let this one escape your attention.

Brad Jones, producer (Imperial Drag, Jill Sobule, Cotton Mather) and multi-instrumentalist musician, along with Hans Rotenberry, guitarist, lead singer and lyricist supreme for Tennessee power pop group The Shazam have teamed up to create what I consider the lost pop masterpiece of 2010.

“Mountain Jack” on 50 Ft. Records, is little more than an extended ep clocking in at 32:36 with 10 songs, but don’t let the size fool you. This album is a giant in every other way. Smart, edgy lyrics; clean harmonies; solid and playful hooks all colored by Jones’ mastery in the studio.

The influences are obvious, the ingenuity startling and smile inducing. Do your ears a favor and pick up this lost gem. The only outlet at this time is iTunes, however a CD release is rumored for sometime in February or March.

Next, you’ll want to pick up on any of The Shazam discs (on NotLame) as well as Brad’s solo album “Gilt Flake” (on Ginger Records) if you can find it. There are a few used copies on Amazon. A new one will cost you up to $200.00. 

Thanks John. FYI- Brad Jones' "Gilt Flake" is also available on

Take a listen to a couple from "Mountain Jack." I think you'll be hooked.




Chris Swartout said...

Thanks Sal! Coming here helps me spend all those iTunes store credits I got for Christmas. That was insanely delicious!

jeff kisseloff said...

The album arrived in the mail today from Kook Kat, really enjoying it (as I am the Swag cd, which was a penny on amazon, although shipping was 3.98)

Anything Should Happen said...

Swag's still worth lods more than 3.99 Jeff!

50 FT Records said...

we are chuffed to see this! thanks sal and john and all of you who follow their sage musical advice.

by the way, mountain jack is available on CD from kool kat musik and directly from us...

DeepKarma said...

For those, like me, with delayed-gratification issues, you can pick up Mountain Jack over at eMusic as well.

Lee said...

The Mountan Jack CD direct link is here: