Friday, February 4, 2011

"February" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Not every mix needs to have a theme. Back in the day, I would just record whatever I felt like hearing and BOOM...a new mixtape. I'd give it a nifty title, usually something ridiculous like "Cumin-Scented Pork" or "Janne Shlibovnik's Journey Through Music." (Both actual cassettes I still have somewhere.)

Sometimes songs just sound good together. I think these do, especially Bruce going into Rush going into Alt going into DJ Smash.  I also love Phil & Don's take on Martha & The Vandellas. It's a completely different vibe, of course, but there's something Phil Spector-y about it. Miles Nielsen, by the way, is Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick's son, yet for some reason, he sounds exactly like Robin Zander. "February" isn't such a "nifty title," I know, but this mix just may go over.

Dig it!


Ta Bueno Compadre- Flaco Jimenez & The West Side Horns
Dancing In The Street- The Everly Brothers
Blind Love- Tom Waits
Jim Jones- Bob Dylan
Hey Hey Hey- Miles Nielsen
The Angel- Bruce Springsteen & The ESB
Red Barchetta- Rush
Girlfriend Guru- Alt
Bassanova- DJ Smash
Cold Duck Time- Lava & the Hot Rocks
When Am I Coming Down- The Godfathers
Still I Long For Your Kiss- Lucinda Williams
My Michelle- Lover!
Little Games- The Yardbirds
Cornet Chop Suey- Louis Armstrong



steve simels said...

You had me at Tom Waits' "Blind Love."

God, I love that record...

Leslie said...

diggin it

JP said...

Here's a top 10 list challenge: top 10 Rush songs since Moving Pictures.