Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Soul #2: Ironing Board Sam



Sammy said... you actually have this record? (cd?...8-track tape?)...i've never seen that cover photo--how great is that? (I asked, rhetorically)...

Duncanmusic said...

You know, I KNEW I had SOMETHING right...about 25 years ago I was playing music for the only money I was making at the time (and it SUCKED HARD) playing with this blues band and THAT honky Tonk miscarriage and I couldn't afford a keyboard stand so I used a $5 wooden ironing board I found at a VoA (couldn't find ANYTHING for my guitar). Worked fine for years till I finally got a real stand, Wish I had that 'board now, tho'.
They all laughed at me. Probably laughed at Sam, too. Fuck 'em, it worked.

rockslide said...

Ironing Board Sam is still performing. He's coming out with a new album in November. Check him out on or follow him on his facebook page. He is listed as Ironing Board Sam