Friday, March 18, 2011

"The March iPod Shuffle" : THE WEEKEND MIX-UPDATE

(It seems "Blabber N Smoke" uploaded as silence. It's now been added at the bottom of this page. Sorry peeps.) 

I know we've been here before, and I do hope it doesn't bore you. It doesn't bore me. Frankly, I am blown away every time.  Even on its worse days, like when it locks onto the handful of bad audience recordings of old Led Zeppelin & Mott The Hoople shows, the iPod on shuffle delights me. (Why I carry around bad audience recordings of old Zep and Mott is another story for another day.)

More times than not, the iPod on shuffle seems to find 12-15 songs that somehow make sense together. It creates a theme or a mood, that would seem unnatural if handpicked, yet when listening as I sit sandwiched between the annoying lady rifling through her handbag while jabbing me in the side with her elbow and the 8 year old who can't stop kicking the back of the seat with his heels on the subway, puts me in as good of a mood as someone like me can be put.

That said, check this mix out. It is exactly as it played, less one horrible, 11 minute live version of "Keep A'Knockin" by the aforementioned Mott The Hoople. This may be the 4th "Weekend Mix" that was handled by the iPod. This doesn't mean I'm getting lazy. Honest.

Please enjoy! Comments and questions are always welcome.

Let Him Run Wild (New Stereo Mix)- The Beach Boys
Honey Pie- The Beatles
Lighting Rod Man- Lowell George & The Factory
Don't Let A Good Thing Go- Ollie & The Nightingales
Love Is A Beautiful Thing- Wilson Pickett
The Sounds Of Science- The Beasttie Boys
Hippie Dream- Neil Young
The Beep- The Iguanas
Liquored Up & Lacquered Down- Southern Culture On The Skids
Blabber 'N' Smoke- Captain Beefheart
Halley's Waitress- Fountains Of Wayne
Laundry Room- The Avett Brothers




Anonymous said...

I've always loved "Blabber and Smoke", not least because I'm absolutely certain that "all you ever do is blabber and smoke" is something the Captain's wife must have said to him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is great too, but I'm just catching up with the amazing I'ds mix from last week. Inspired!

Bruce H.

itsok2beright said...

Did I miss something with Blabber and Smoke? There wasn't any audio.

Sal Nunziato said...


I have to check that.

(and btw, I've replied to your e-mail twice. are you not getting it?)

Mercury Joe said...

I thought I was the only Neil fan hardy enough to admit to liking 1987's "Landing On Water," but I used to listen to it a lot on vinyl. I don't have it on CD or digitally though, so it's fun to at least get this track. Nice other songs too. Have a great weekend!

James said...

This also reminds me I need to get some more Avett Bros and Fountains of Wayne... great stuff...

Anything Should Happen said...

You should have just swapped the boot version of Keep A Knockin' for the Wildlife version Sal!