Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's Neat! That's Nice

 Best news I've heard all week.  From

Hello people, this is Terry.

I'm extremely happy to announce that, with the release of our new CD next week, my Quartet will be resuming the name NRBQ. After three years of playing music with Scott, Pete and Conrad under the name The Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet, I'm finally ready to continue doing what I know how to do best and that is to move NRBQ forward. The new album, with cover art by Tom Ardolino, is called KEEP THIS LOVE GOIN' and that is exactly what we're going to do!

There's been a lot of confusion and speculation for the last six years about what happened with the band in 2004. The time has come to set the record straight.

I love NRBQ. I didn't break up the band. I didn't quit NRBQ. I didn't fire anyone from NRBQ and I did not stop to pursue other projects. I would never end it – it's my life's work.

Funny how things work out. When I wrote the chorus to the song "Ain't No Horse," ("ain't no horse that can't be rode, ain't no man that can't be throwed") little did I know that five years later I would be the man that could and would get throwed.

First I was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer in mid-August of 2004. As anyone who has ever gone through cancer or any other serious disease knows, it's a scary and life-changing diagnosis. I decided to deal with it privately so I only shared the information with the band and a few close friends. We continued to work until mid-September, at which point I began a leave of absence. The reason given for my break from NRBQ was a bout with tendonitis (which was also true, by the way).

I didn't want to go the traditional way of radiation and chemotherapy, so I took the leave of absence to see if I could find a holistic approach. I did come back to honor bookings at the end of October.

Five weeks after that, the oncologist who was monitoring my illness said that I was actually improving. He said, "I don't know how you're doing this, but whatever it is, don't stop!" He advised me to get back to the music, keep my diet and spirit in check, and of course keep a close eye on my progress. When I called the guys with the good news, that is when I learned that my bandmates, after ten years of great fun, shows, and recordings, were not interested in continuing with NRBQ but preferred to continue working as Baby Macaroni. It was unbelievably sad for me to hear this, especially at that time.

There have been several versions of NRBQ and I've loved every one of them. Great musicians and friends have come and gone. I've always hated to see anyone leave. But in time, change can turn out to be a good thing. 

You can read more, and purchase the new CD here.



Troy said...

I received this email as well, and certainly wish Terry the best. I haven't seen TARRC live, so I'm a bit hesitant to embrace this new version of the Q just yet. For me, the Q is more than just a bunch of great songs. There is a happiness, a sort of gidiness I feel when I listen to them, that no doubt relates to the fun I've had at their shows. If the new guys can give me that feeling, I will be absolutely thrilled. I can almost hear it now: "here comes Terry, here comes Scott, here comes Conrad, here comes Pete"

Long live the Q!

steve simels said...

Is it just me, or does his former bandmates response strike anybody as a little...cold?

Fully Furnished said...

I'm a big NRBQ fan so this is good news. Based on recent Terry shows, I have no reason to think the Q revival won't be great also. Rock on!!