Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Come On Everybody, Take A Trip With Me!"

By my sixth or seventh trek down south, I had a bit of a music ritual. Once I arrived in the great city of New Orleans, three songs, "Elvis Presley Blues" by Gillian Welch, "When You Get Back" by Jon Cleary and "Suddenly Mary" by The Posies, HAD to played before I went out for the night. (I don't know why and I don't care.) The night could not begin until I poured a bourbon, walked out onto the balcony, and looked down onto Royal Street, as I listened to these three songs. I did it everytime. And everytime was magical. Suddenly, not just Mary, but I too...was fine.

These days, my quarterly trips have been cut in half. Actually, I only made it there once last year, and it wasn't for Fest.  New Orleans still feels like home, but now I'm a bit more anxious to get things started once I arrive. The luxury of ritual has lost its appeal. Just put some music on and point me in the opposite direction of where I came from.

This mix felt good. Like, if this was playing, and we were driving from the Quarter to Lafayette, we probably wouldn't need to talk for 80 minutes. Maybe we'd look at each other when we noticed the badass drums in the Jimmy Hughes track. But we'd just nod, maybe wink.


This one is for Paul Sanchez. No one has a bigger heart.


Take Me Out To The Ballgame- Jonathan Batiste
Nuttballus- Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Get Down With It- Bobby Marchan
New Suit- The Wild Magnolias
Better Off Dead- Bill Withers
Shotgun- Jr. Walker & The All-Stars
Total Destruction Of Your Mind- Swamp Dogg
What Side Of The Door- Jimmy Hughes
Mobetta's Blues- Maurice Brown & Bobby Broom
Liberty Bell- Willie Tee
Two-Way-Poc-Away- The Dixie Cups
Pretty Pimpin' Willie- Chocolate Milk
You Left The Water Running- Maurice & Mac
You Got To- Huey "Piano" Smith
A Kiss To Build A Dream On- Benny Gordon
I Got To Be Myself-Rance Allen
Can I Get A Witness- Earl Van Dyke
Welfare Cheese- Emanuel Laskey
Tic Tac Toe- Earl King
My God- Wycliffe Gordon


See you in New Orleans.


soundsource said...


Jonnie Miles said...

Thanks...I'm there, (in spirit).

FD13NYC said...

Sal, enjoy your trip, and good luck with the new gig.

Ginny and I visited The Big Easy in 2000 for a week over Halloween. It was a crazy and enjoyable vacation. Sadly, never had the time to get back there. Maybe someday.

Going to London for the 4th time in June. This time going to Liverpool for a couple of days taking in a Beatles tour. Should be great!

Talk to ya when you get back.

Troy said...

Nutballus! Sweet! Never thought I would see that in a mix.

Looking forward to checking it out. Have fun in NOLA.

jeff kisseloff said...

Take me out to the ballgame!

Noam Sane said...

good lord...nice mix Sal. Let the good times roll, buddy.

Duncanmusic said...

Thanks for this mix, Sal. I hope SOMEDAY to nake it down to NOLA. In the meantime, this week this'll do.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but belated thanks for the Paul Simon show. I love the new album too, for me his best since Graceland.

That might be an interesting list, sexagenarian masterpieces. Hmmm...

"Love and Theft"
The first Cash-Rubin record
So Beautiful or So What
Fly Me to the Moon: The Great American Songbook Vol. 5*

I wouldn't put Joni Mitchell's Shine in this group, but I liked it a lot more than I thought I would and still listen to it. Same for Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard.

Does Billy Elliot count? Not an album but a wonderful musical.

Bruce H

*joke, just so's there's no misunderstanding

Albert said...

Have a great trip....don't overdo it...that's my maternal side coming out...and as a side note to FD13NYC....room for one more???

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal! Downloading in a minute, looking forward to it... but missing my damn N'Awlins experience!! Went last year, had a blast (saw Van in the rain) and sure am envious of the Gator Roll or whatever it's called that you are pro'ly eating right now!

Greetings from the ATL

Meanstreets said...

Brother Sal,
Reading your blog today from New Orleans is not unlike when I write you relaying stories from my adopted home city, Austin, TX.

I know exactly how you feel.

steves said...

Listening now and lovin' it. Have a great journey and best of luck in the new gig!

LP Steve said...

Wish I could make it to JazzFest this year, Sal, but work won't let me. Did get to pass through last month for an overnighter, and made it to the Acme Oyster House. Two dozen raw for an appetizer, followed by the oyster po' boy. Your pic makes me nostalgic and jealous. Eat a boudin for me!

Peter, London said...

Really, really enjoyed the weekend mix this week. It was a great source of new sounds for me. Particularly enjoyed the Earl Van Dyke.