Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Orleans: Day One

Aside from the hell ride that was Flight 1078, rerouted to avoid the string of tornados that was sweeping across the South to Midwest to the Northeast, I made it to New Orleans in one piece. The pilot never did clarify, but from the 3 hour Airbus pukefest, I imagine he rerouted the plane INTO the tornados.

I saw my whole life flash before me. (I can’t believe I bought the Cheryl Ladd album and used Sun-In.) Once we touched ground, the soupy weather of the south felt like a tweed sweater soaked in warm water wrapped around my face. Normally, April is hot, but not quite as humid. Within minutes, that didn't matter. I felt just right, as the airport cabdriver, a little lady easily in her 70s, offered to lift the luggage into the back of the van.

“No! Thank you, but I’ll do this.”

She reached for the bags again, and offered, “Don’t worry, God’s got me.”

Aaaah…New Orleans.

Anyway, I got the bags. Don’t worry.

Easy first day, taking it all in.  Lots of food already, including a sauteed Shrimp & Onion po’boy that I had been dreaming about since the Reagan administration.
The following names may not mean a helluva lot to you at first, but seeing Irvin Mayfield, Evan Christopher, David Torkanowsky, Leon "Kid Chocolate" Brown, Don Vappie and Shannon Powell all on one stage yesterday afternoon was a nice surprise. The "Wednesdays At the Square" concert series in Lafayette Park continues through June, and this was a fantastic set of traditional jazz, complete with burlesque dancers and a second line finale.  Look these guys up. They are the best in the business.

(The photo here is the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Sorry, it's the best I could find.)

Later gators.


soundsource said...

stop posting and just enjoy the soupy south. as usual i'm jealous and lame for not being there with you. Welcome to the first weekend and again don't forget to catch Rance Allen at the gospel tent.

Meanstreets said...

See ya later Alligator..............

allen vella said...

Wonderful..I will live vicariously through you for the next long as you recount your days..Plane ride sounded dreadful. but I know the feel of the humid air set you straight right away, not to mention that cab ride home..and I do mean HOME..and that that Po boy, oh my! (wheres it from? Details!!)And that was a wonderful welcome show at the square. So far, so perfect...enjoy to M

Anonymous said...

Leaving for NOLA on Tuesday, and I'm counting down the days. (Have planned all music and food activities like a military operation.) Sal - Are you going to be around for any of the 2nd weekend? Be delighted to buy you a beer on Frenchmen Street. - bill buckner

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Bill, but I am back before 2nd weekend starts.