Friday, May 27, 2011

"For When You're Stuck In Traffic" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I see yesterday's Emanuel Laskey post went over like a lead balloon. Is it just an aversion to songs with "cheese" in the title? Maybe this "Weekend Mix," sans Laskey, will fit your unofficial start to summer needs a little better.

I'll be headed to Atlantic City to attend the Daryl Hall/Todd Rundgren show. (If Roy Wood comes out at the end for a Sparks' cover encore, you may never see me again.)

Here's a mix I wouldn't mind hearing if I was sitting still on the Grand Central Parkway.

Have a fun one and a safe one.


Green Onions- Booker T. & The MGs
Ghetto Soundwave- Fishbone
Want You To Feel Good Too- NRBQ
Lonely Too Long- The Rascals
Funky Stuff- Kool & The Gang
Next Girl- The Black Keys
Forget About You- The Motors
Head On- Jesus & Mary Chain
Johannesburg- Gil Scott Heron
My Mistake- Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye
Stranger Than Fiction- Joe Jackson
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind- Mr. Big
California Sun- The Ramones
On The Way Down- White Flag
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend- John Cale



Sammy said...

If you discontinue posting the likes of WELFARE CHEESE, i'll have myself to blame for not weighing here i am, a day late, letting you know how much i appreciated hearing that one...maybe the best thing since sliced welfare bread...oh, and nice weekend mix, too!

DeepKarma said...

I totally lost that Fishbone track down the memory hole. Can't wait to check this out on the way to Wildwood this afternoon.

Noam Sane said...

Enjoyed the Cheese! Just too lazy to comment. This mix looks extry-fine, Sal, I'm grabbin' it now.

Have a good time in AC...another Rundgren show, and another case of jealousy from old Noam.

Anonymous said...

Is it just an aversion to songs with "cheese" in the title?
I think you're onto something there. Never even considered DLing ... now I know why! Can not think of a single other title with cheese (or type of cheese) in the title. And I like cheese. Could be a PhD thesis in this for someone.

James A. Gardner said...

I just now got the chance to listen to "Welfare Cheese" and liked it so much, I went to download the collection from your previous post.

And I'm not just saying that because I like lead balloons!

Altho I don't plan on being stuck in traffic, thanks for the snappy-looking weekend mix.

jeff kisseloff said...

like the motors cut, but is it me or is that opening riff a steal from "sooner or later"?

Eric said...

rock n' roll, sal.... would like some classic jesus/mary one day--- the three headed guitarists' sound LIVE was unbeatable.

J. Loslo said...

Great stuff; thanks again.

I'd forgotten about "Johannesburg."

rion said...

hi sal-
thanks for the great blog and mixes! i came across this new album the other night and thought you'd enjoy it! the album is call "rhapsody in blonde" by scott gagner and has some great power pop tunes! sf can still kick out some great tunes!

and here's a youtube video:

thanks again!


A guy called Tak said...

NRBQ, The Rascals and John Cale are all in one place!
Todd & Daryl together on stage! Wow!
Wish I could be there...

Have a nice weekend, Sal!

Leon said...

I agree, I dug Welfare Cheese too, but that's just how I roll. The weekend mix looks tasty. But how lucky are you to get to see Todd & Daryl in one show? Please at least post a setlist afterwards, I'm curious what Daryl plays when he's solo. I've only seen H&O, never even heard of a solo Daryl Hall tour before.

wool said...

RIP Gil Scott Heron.

Anonymous said...

The Rainmakers 'Government Cheese'. Nice mix. Randy

Leon said...

Sal, a while ago you posted a great video of Todd Rundgren making "For The Want Of A Nail" in the studio with Bobby Womack. That thing rocked so hard, and one of the highlights was Bobby's vocal style. I saw this video and thought you'd dig this since you dug that -- it's the O'Jays doing a great, great version of a forgotten Dylan tune from the mid-80s, Emotionally Yours. Powerful stuff if you like that kind of stuff, and I can tell you do.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Leon. I was at that show and I LOVED that performance.

iggy said...

Hey Sal. Wonderful blog, wonderful tunes, wonderful attitude. Thanks for this abundance of delight. I'll be back (without the maid).