Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Oh Mister, Won't You Please..."

I'm not sure I could tell Emanuel Laskey's story any better than the people over at Soulful Detroit. Truth is, I only know what I've read. It's HERE, if you're interested.

This song is another in a long line of minor obsessions. It's got the goods. I mean, as grooves go, this one sweats from 0:02. There are other Laskey tunes from the Thelma label that are worth some time, but none do it for me the way "Welfare Cheese" does it for me.

First time I heard "Welfare Cheese" was on a compilation called "Shakin' Fit," which I wrote about HERE.  I just located a sealed vinyl copy, so I am all over it all over again.

(I'd go back to that post if I were you. There's a ZIP!)


steve simels said...

That's some weird, wacky stuff.

Seriously -- very cool, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal its Doctor Stu and i think you are onto something there re cheese; i mean would you ever read a book called who moved my cheese (i know millions did but not me) I gotta say Mr. Lasky certainly has the pipes and I wonder who T. Gordy could be! maybe the Thelma label is six degrees of separation from Tamla!! Stay away from the slots after the show! have a great weekend

Eric said...

not a lead balloon...fair-weather fans/fickle motherfuckers.

Kevin said...

Had this one pretty near when it came out. My favorite cut off the album was "My Baby Loves To Boogaloo," and I forgot about this one. I think I've still got the CD and I'll have to dig it out.
But after "At (your) Party," the greatest comp LP of all time, anything was bound to get lost. Immortal tunes like Emulsified, Camel Walk, and Viddle Diddle Baby should not labor in obscurity.

Anonymous said...

Well, if this is what lead balloons are, I need to join their chat room. Great, great stuff!

Sal Nunziato said...


What is this "At (your) Party" LP?

Kevin said...

This, my friend, is At The Party:
(track listing only, no music)
I always thought this was the greatest comp album ever. I don't think it made it to CD. Norton Records and the Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits series have released some of them (including the 1st 2 I mentioned)
Don't you know I get emulsified!!

Sal Nunziato said...

Damn Kevin! I've searched on Amazon, eBay, Music Stack, and Gemm, and not one listing for sale or auction.

It's on the same label as "Shakin' Fit." The hunt has begun!

Kevin said...

I think they're both Tim Warren creations.

Here's a taste:
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers
It's what love should be.


Happy hunting!

Mike Shure said...

Great comp, Sal! I'd buy it unheard just because of the song titles.

Sal Nunziato said...

Ok Kevin, "Emulsified" might be the greatest thing ever.!!

Kevin said...

If you know anyone at Norton, they might help. I've got one ace in the hole, and I just e-mailed him.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks so much, Kevin. A friend hipped me to a download, but I would LOVE a vinyl copy. Please let me know.