Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Good Example, Maybe, Of When To Hang Up Your Rock & Roll Shoes

New versions of sacred faves with guest artists such as Ray Manzarek, Johnny Winter and Ann Wilson?

For real.  Due 8/16.

Check out the samples here.

My friend Jeff M.on yesterday's post: "If the new material is no good, don't buy it and don't see the show. But I've grown a lot more tolerant of aging rock stars doing whatever they need to do to feed their muse or feed themselves."

I agree. But there are exceptions.

(Don't even get me started on the upcoming Todd Rundgren release "(re)Production." The 30 second samples may have already caused irreparable damage to my heart and soul.) 


Jeff Matthews said...

OK- clearly a great example. Totally misguided, maybe even sacrilegious. But also proves my point. Who in their right mind would buy this, after listening to even the first 30 sec sample? And clearly Sly is not in his right mind anyways. The idea of redoing your own greatest hits catalog is probably always a bad idea - though some might argue that Ray Davies has done two interesting variations: one that I was interested in buying (See My Friends, although I don't really love it) and one that I have no interest in (the Choral thing). And he did it in the context of releasing some pretty good if not brilliant solo stuff the last few years that I was glad saw the light of day. The thing is, it's hard to predict when brilliance will strike. Peter Frampton was a joke for nearly 20 years, re-releasing a Frampton Comes Alive II. But then he did a Grammy winning instrumental album, released Thank You Mr Churchill (which is outstanding), and has been selling out 35th anniversary FCA tour to rave reviews. See Leon Russell/Elton John - who've thunk. And Robert Plant even. So I'll accept a few disasters (although I may never forgive Todd if it' as godawful as you say) for a few more creative drops from a generation of now-creaky former stars.

allen vella said...

Love the originals to death..All time faves for sure..listening brings me back to summer days of my teenage years, and Sly had to be one of the best performers I've ever seen (Fillmore '69). BUT, remaking those songs? I listened to the samples..good...but what's the friggin point!? What can be improved on the originals...Sly's voice is surprisingly good..great players...and todays sound recording technology, all great..but gimmee the originals..anyday. On the other hand..maybe someone who never heard this will tap into it, put some change in Slys pocket..he can do what he wants with his music and I don't begrudge him for trying to get some..hey as long as he's healthy and kickin, allright

Gene Oberto said...

I'll tell you one thing, the way those "samples" on Amazon work, you could put Sgt. Pepper's on there and no one would have bought the album.

It said Jeff Beck was on there, but from the sample I couldn't swear to it. As to the rest, well. whatever instrument the guest artist played. that was in the forefront on what sounded like on a K-Tel bed of the song.

And the labels think that it's file sharing....

Sal Nunziato said...


I thought the Ray choral record and tour were fantastic, so much more inspired than the duets record. I suggest giving it a spin

What I don't get really is the random pairings? Are there die hard Heart fans dying to hear Ann with Sly? Or vice-versa? Even as a cash cow, or in this case, a cash gnat, it makes little sense. Unless Sly is so far gone, he actually said, "Yeah, gimme that Wilson sister and the Door."

Also glad to see you're on board with recent Frampton. Some friends tease relentlessly when I mention how good his last few records were. Frampton seems to be aging gracefully in my eyes.

Jeff Matthews said...

On your rec, I will give the choral thing a chance.
One related trend is the Jack White thing: coax a septuagenarian out of retirement. The Loretta Lynn disc was inspired; I was a little disappointed by Wanda Jackson though she is still so cool I cut her all the slack in the world. And then of course the really oddball collaboration: Ben Folds with William Shatner. But I digress.

Sal Nunziato said...

re: William Shatner and Ben Folds.

It's better than one would think. Truly. And I am NOT a fan of Ben Folds AT ALL.

Jeff Matthews said...

The William Shatner record is BRILLIANT. And I totally agree about the rest of BF.

mpjedi2 said...

HAS BEEN is awesome. The difference is, using (mostly) Shatner's own poetry, instead of tryign to "re-interpret" songs or whathaveyou, and that they treated it like what it was, spoken word with a music bed.

steves said...

Sounds like a mediocre cover band.

The tragedy continues...

Word verification: setbact

(Do you get to chose these?)

Anything Should Happen said...

I'm on a real Todd kick at the mo and have to admit that I had completely same thoughts when I heard the samples, I just don't see his thought process at the mo.

Jeff, agree completely with the Ray Davies thoughts, I couldn't get in to the choral thing at all, but many of my friends did.

Have to admit I've not listened to recent Frampton, must remedy that.

Have to admit that I largely don't get this duet malarky at all, what's the point?

If it makes Sly some money I can understand that, but who is gonna buy these things?

I too thought the Wanda would be interesting and it disappointed.

I do like Ben Folds particularly his earlier stuff.

Back to it.

Eric said...

like bootsy's "contribution"

A guy called Tak said...

Just two words...

celebrities' Karaoke!

Jerry Lee said...

You know something's wrong when they use a cheesy portrait painting instead of a photo for the front cover.

Remakes of his hits? Why bother? Have the royalties dried up?

Anonymous said...

at least we don't have to worry about frikkin amy winehouse doing her crap over again - which - when you think of it - would be as hideous as Todd's upcoming monstrosity......come to think of it......i can't say which would be more of a nightmare!