Friday, August 12, 2011

"A Sucker For Covers: : THE WEEKEND MIX

Hope you have some fun with this, the second or third WEEKEND MIX of covers.  Some of these tunes have appeared as their own posts and some I've only recently discovered, like Candi Staton's killer version of the Dolly Parton classic, which can be found on a wonderful new 2 CD set of her Fame Studio recordings. See link below.

The first time I heard John Boutte deliver Neil Young's "Southern Man" was live in the Jazz Tent at the New Orleans Jazz Festival just 6 months or so after Hurricane Katrina, and I don't think I'm over it yet.

Been on a Garland Jeffreys kick since the release of his fantastic new album, "The King Of In Between...see link I dug out his big cover of the Junior Walker classic.

Richie Havens doing 10cc? It works. I promise.

The Tin Men, featuring Alex McMurray, Matt Perrine and Washboard Chaz, are, as they say, "the premier guitar, washboard and tuba trio," and as I say, quite possibly more fun than any person should be allowed to have. I've seen them cover everyone from The Roches to Led Zeppelin, but I really love this. You can buy their music below.



Washington Post March- Tin Men
Good Vibrations- Todd Rundgren
What Does It Take- Garland Jeffreys
I'm Not In Love- Richie Havens
Say Goodbye To Hollywood- Ronnie Spector
Spooky- Dusty Springfield
The Inner Light- Junior Parker
For What It's Worth- The Staple Singers
It's A Shame- Raphael Saadiq
Jolene- Candi Staton
Southern Man- John Boutte
To Sir With Love- Al Green
Be My Love- NRBQ
The Story In Your Eyes- Fountains Of Wayne
He's Got You- Dean Martin
Oklahoma, USA- Leigh "Little Queenie" Harris
You're Gonna Need Somebody- Continental Drifters
Secret Love- The Balham Alligators
Mona Lisa- Moon Mullican
Where The Boys Are- Get Wet
Stagger Lee- The McCoys




After the week I've just had I need some fun ... and the weekend covers mix delivers!

I can't figure out why covers are so cool. They aren't (always) a novelty but often are off beat enough to put a smile on your face. And at their best they make you see a song in a whole different light. Gotta think more on this stuff.

For now ... I listen, smile and enjoy.

Thanks Sal!

Anonymous said...

Listening to this now. Great fun so far. And I'm only on track 2!

Robin said...

This is fun. Really enjoying it, have been listening all day at work. Adore Jolene and Spooky. Was not aware of the latter or Story in Your Eyes for that matter. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Was judy reading this post when David Bowie's live version of "Knock on Wood" came up on spotify. Yay covers!

Sal, what do you think of spotify? Do you think of it?

Bruce H.

elizabeth said...

great songs - hard to choose what to listen to first.


Sal Nunziato said...

Don't know how I feel about Spotify? I haven't really used it. There's no way to say this without sounding like an ass, but, I have so much music, old and new and I still buy LPs and CDs, that's what I am always listening to. I just don't know how to use Spotify. Does that make sense? I need someone to tell me how to get the best out of it.

Anything Should Happen said...

Nice Mix Sal!

Was surprised to see Todd Rundgren there, ho ho.

Spotify is really good if you are an occasional music fan, it does what it sets out to do.

However, I feel exactly the same as Sal in the music that I have here. Adding something else would need 36 hours in the day.

Jeff Matthews said...

Great set - enjoyed it. I prefer Yo La Tengo's cover of Oklahoma USA - I assume you know it - their Fakebook album has long been a have of mine.

Shriner said...

How I get the best out of spotify: use the free version to check out recommended artists and then decide if I should get it.

My CD rack is/was full of bands who were recommended that I though sucked after I paid for the CD (even at "used" prices.)

It helps (to me) better than 30-second previews do to get a feel for the band. And I don't mind the ads in the free version. I don't necessarily think I'd pay for it, though as -- like Sal -- I have so much music that I don't even have the time to relisten to it all.

But to actually hear some of those Swedish Power Pop bands? It's great!

cmealha said...

How do you keep track of all this? I'm constantly amazed by the depth and breadth of your knowledge of music.

Of the stuff I knew, I was tickled to hear Get Wet again. I though only you, me and Frank knew this one.

Of the knew stuff I really enjoyed the take on "Secret Love". Grace of My heart is one of my favorite soundtracks. This is a quite different take.


A walk in the woods said...

I'm a fool for covers too. There's something about 'em! nice mix - thanks Sal!

And I feel the same way about Spotify - that is funny. You'd think that an over-the-top, unreconstructed music omnivore like me would kinda be Spotify's target audience. But I'm not... never have tried it, don't plan to... part of it is that (embarrassed) I think I am a bit of an old-school materialist enough to like to just have the dang thing -- the album itself, the CD, heck at least the wonderful MP3s you post here.

Yeah - I'm shallow. In a deep kinda way.

Noam Sane said...

I found the Rundgren samples you're talking about.

zzryan said...

howsabout the furs cover of mack the knife...ima cover lover

Gene Oberto said...

Everlong acoustic cover by Sandlewood (Dylan & Lauren)

Best comment was "F*#K it, I quit!"

furnguy said...

great choices.

cmealha said...

Heard one today that would have been a great additions. "Heroes and Villains" by Geraint Watkins. Maybe Volume 2?

David Handelman said...

I love covers and I don't know why since I hate when record companies put them out instead of new music. (Baby I love Your Way/Freebird).

When the Rumour opened for/supported Garland Jeffreys, they had a blistering version of Abba's "S.O.S." that I have not been able to find (I may have it on cassette somewhere from that night). I love the Bruce boot boxes of covers that I bought at NYCD more than I love Bruce's own Live boxed set.

I love Neil Finn's "Billie Jean" and Richard Thompson's "Oops I Did It Again" because they made me hear the songs differently. I loved "Top of the World" by Shonen Knife. Etcetera.

drfeelgoed said...

Great collection, listening to it now, many thanks!