Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Rockpile- Live In Montreux": Play That Fast Thing 1,000 More Times

Could they be the greatest rock and roll band of all time? I don't feel too ookey saying so. At least for their active period, there were few to rival Rockpile. This relentless new release from Eagle Rock took my breath away...literally. I tried typing out my review while listening, but Della Street I'm not. The band kicked my ass and took my name.

 It's funny that "Seconds Of Pleasure," the one record released under the Rockpile moniker, is only represented twice on "Live From Montreux." But as any fan of Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner and Terry Williams knows, they had been playing on each other's records long before their 1980 debut, and this badass set of rock and roll covers all those bases.

I'd also like to point out that Terry Williams NEEDS to be mentioned, from this day forward, whenever "Greatest Drummers Of All Time" are discussed.

While you wait patiently for Nick's new LP, (leading the pack for best of 2011, I might add,) get your pile of rock on with "Live From Montreux."

Buy it below:

Plus, the Amazon download is only $7!


Anonymous said...

this really does sound amazing.

Anything Should Happen said...


I've heard four tracks from the new Nick Lowe affair and it promises to be ace.

Amazingly when this lot formed as Rockpile, Edmunds was the bigger name.
Thirty years on, Nick Lowe continually provides sterling albums, whilst poor old Dave is on the B List celebrity gig circuit.

As a live act, Lowe is untouchable for providing riveting shows, a master songwriter and a great interviewee.

Anonymous said...

Bought it today, and I've barely taken the headphones off. A MIGHTY band! - bill buckner

jeff k said...

I put in my order.


FD13NYC said...

It's great to finally have a ligit Live CD from Rockpile, yay!

Sal, remember us seeing them at the Ritz. Good times.

steve simels said...

Terry Williams on the short list for greatest rock drummers ever?

I don't know why I hadn't noticed before, but it finally dawned on me a couple of weeks ago when I happened to be listening to the live version they did at the Bottom Line of "Let It Rock" with guest Keith Richards on the night after he beat the Canadian heroin bust.

Richards is not exactly all there, but the rest of the band is beyond brilliant, and Williams in particular is spectacular.

Like I said, I don't know why I'd never noticed how great he was before then....

allen vella said...

I forgot how much I loved these boys back then..thanks for this awesome post..and yer right about Terry! Gotta get back on this...my kind a rockinrolla