Friday, October 14, 2011


It seems unlikely that Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello will ever finish what they started some time back in 1987. For those who don't know, The Macs wrote some songs together for a proposed album. You can find those demos HERE

Some of those tracks found homes on each of their records.  What I've put together for this "Weekend Mix," is just what that record might have sounded like.

Here are all the finished tracks written by Paul McCartney and Declan MacManus, but recorded separately, with the exception of "You Want Her Too," which is a duet.  I've also included one bonus demo, as it was featured on a commercial Elvis release.

The demos are, quite simply, fantastic. More often than not, Elvis and Paul sound eerily like John & Paul. What I find interesting is how a few of the master takes seem to abandon that Beatlesque vibe, almost as if both parties wanted to "just not go there." This is most noticeable on "The Lovers That Never Were," and even a bit on "My Brave Face." Both demos feature Costello on a low, Lennon-like harmony that Paul just doesn't recreate on his solo versions. Elvis takes "Playboy To A Man" from a harmony-filled demo that wouldn't be out of place on "Beatles For Sale" or "Help," and kitchen sinks it with carnival sounds and affected (and annoying) lead vocals for his solo take.

Still, the finished product culled from Sir Paul's "Flowers In The Dirt" and "Off The Ground" LPs, as well as songs from EC's "Spike," "Mighty Like A Rose," and "All This Useless Beauty" albums, makes for one fine listen.

I hope I didn't forget anything.


My Brave Face
Pads, Paws, & Claws
Mistress & Maid
Shallow Grave
You Want Her Too
Back On My Feet
That Day Is Done (EC)
The Lovers That Never Were
So Like Candy
Don't Be Careless Love
Playboy To A Man
That Day Is Done (PM)
Mistress & Maid (demo)



TimfromGR said...

Mebbe they could hand the project off to Darian Sahanaja?

allen vella said...

Always love these two together (and alone)..thanks for putting them in one place, great set

steves said...

One of my favorite unreleased records ever. The only thing that nags at me to this day is why neither one of them recorded "Tommy's Coming Home."

I always thought it was a great song.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I got those demos from somewhere and am quite fond of them. I look forward to your zip.

blaster said...

many thanks for the zip, and for sharing all your music on your wonderful site.

d.i in sf

Bada Bing Crosby said...

Back on my Feet is classic Paul. I'm surprised (and actually hurt) it was relegated to a b-side.

Overall, I was kinda underwhelmed by the Mac & Mac collaboration. Veronica's great but there was something a little stiff, a little cautious about the whole shebang. I think Elvis said it was a little tough collaborating with McCartney because, he's, well, McCartney and all that that brings with it.

Still wouldn't mind if they got together again. Paul's seems to have loosened up these last few years and may be more receptive to a true collaboration.

Bill said...

Just catching up with this on a sunny, cool Sunday afternoon. Man, Playboy to a Man is just not a good song. At least the way it's sung here. I'm a giant Elvis fan but when he puts on that ugly voice, I reach for the mute button.

Thanks for the tunes, Sal!

misospecial said...

love this—thanks, sal!