Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Holiday Playlist #1": THE WEEKEND MIX

What we have here is my first holiday mix of the season. Oddly enough, it contains no holiday music. Correction! It contains no "Christmas" music. Personally, I think the 20 songs compiled here are perfect for any holiday.

I thought about a theme, but couldn't find one...except...this hour of music represents what my 10PM-12AM shift would sound like if the gods of radio were courageous enough to offer me my dream DJ job.


I count 4 covers:

Queen via Neko Case
Aerosmith via Lou Ann Barton
Elvis Costello via Nick Lowe
Cole Porter via Sammy Davis Jr.

4 songs by the original artists whose covers you may be more familiar with:

The House That Jack Built (covered by Aretha)
Ice Cream Man (covered by Van Halen)
If Sugar Was As Sweet As You (covered by Rockpile)
WPLJ (covered by The Mothers Of Invention)

1 song by Norah Jones' step-sister:

Red Sun

The mix rounds out with tunes I love, that I hope you will, too.

I get a kick out of sequencing and listening back with the ears of all of you. There's something for everyone...I hope.

Give this mix a ride. You may discover some new faves.

As always, I present this playlist as something that sounds good as one. No skipping.

(I'm watching you.)


The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3- David Shire
Apricot Brandy- Rhinoceros
Bam Balam- The Du Droppers
The House That Jack Built- Thelma Jones
Misdemeanor- Foster Sylvers
I Don't Remember Your Name- The Records
Big Noise From Winnetka- Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
Bread & Butter- The Newbeats
Misfire- Neko Case
Chalk One Up For Albert's Side- Jim Boggia
Ice Cream Man- John Brim
If Sugar Was As Sweet As You- Joe Tex
Girl Talk- Billy May
Red Sun- Anoushkar Shankar
One Way Street- Lou Ann Barton
Working Girl- The Members
WPLJ- The Four Deuces
Alison- Nick Lowe
Waters Of March- Tom Jobim & Elis Regina
Begin The Beguine- Sammy Davis Jr.




No Skipping?!

That's like making me eat my vegetables before I get desert -- It's Not FAIR!

Great mix Sal -- thanks.

Robin said...

I need my dessert before my veggies. So I need to listen to Sammy and Jobim and Regina first, the latter one of my all time fave pieces of music. Promise I will go back and listen to the whole thing, just via a quick scan there isn't anything I wouldn't like here. Thanks for another creative and interesting mix! My holiday mix would be Beatles, Beach Boys and Bach. ;) (with a little Xmas music by Pink Martini, Chris Isaak, The Roches, Martin Sexton, Louis Armstrong, Frankie S, Aaron Neville and Phil Spector Xmas album). Happy weekend.

James A. Gardner said...

You had me at Neko Case! Thank you for the mix. Looks like fun listening on a bittersweet day for me.

JB said...

Sal, I'm not sure what happened here a few months ago when BW was "boarded up" (Had to throw that in there since I missed my chance to say "me too" on the recent XTC thread).

Anyway, you don't owe us any explanations. But this set (and your enthusiasm about it) is a pretty clear indication that you've got your mojo back and it is in fine form.

Thanks in advance for the little treasures that will be revealed by this mix. And thanks again for pulling down the boards.

FD13NYC said...

Another fine mix Sal. You never cease to turn me on to tunes I don't have. Thanks!

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Robin...if you're still friend David Yazbek, a fantastic composer who, aside from being friends with Andy Partridge of XTC, is also a Tony Award nominee for his music in "The Full Monty," "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," and "Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown," cited "Waters Of March" as the greatest song ever written.

Albert said... skipping rule in effect, and I'm a "skipper"from way back(you know that already!)....Up to Boggia/Albert cut.....don't know if it's the "albert" in the title or the subject matter....this one moved me to near-tears....Bread and Butter?....can hear my Dad over my shoulder saying "Hey Pal, make that louder...that's one of my favorites!" truly was.....and Bob Crosby?...never heard it in its entirety 'til this zip....on roll, cuz, on a on to the rest......

Albert said...

The exquisite Regina/Jobim duet,a song whose existence I was unaware of 'til this playlist, pretty much made my week....not since Looking Out for #1(BTO, people)has a bossa nova tune taken up so much of my listening time exclusively...thank you, Sal...and at 1:48 in(at the stop),don't bother trying to get my attention...I'm not there anymore!.....