Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday 6-Pack: #3

This one created itself.

A new episode of "Live From Daryl's House" premiered on Thursday evening. It was a holiday special that featured guest stars Blind Boys Of Alabama.

I was unaware that Daryl Hall started as a gospel singer. I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to surmise. It seems like so many singers unknowingly began their careers in the church. But listening to Daryl with these gospel legends was something of a revelation. There is a different approach to his singing. With the inspiration of the Blind Boys in the room, Daryl Hall sounds 25 years younger.

This is one set of music that should take the humbug out of the hardest of hearts. You should watch the episode if you have the time, just for Blind Boys' leader Jimmy Carter. The guy must be 133 years old and his voice could move mountains. I hope I can sing like he does when I'm 133.


Take The High Road
Born In Bethlehem
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Can You Give Me A Drink
Last Month Of The Year



buzzbabyjesus said...

I've always hated Christmas music, and in particular "Jingle bell Rock".
And also Hall & Oates.
That is until a couple years ago when I was is an electronics store and all the TV's were playing Hall & Oates video of "Jingle Bell Rock".
Even though G.E. Smith makes an appearance, I was charmed.
I experienced a paradigm shift in regards to Holiday music, that song, and Hall & Oates.

Thanks for the six pack.

cmealha said...

What's wrong with G.E. Smith? Not being confrontational, just curious.

Leon said...

Awesome. Buzz, I am an unrepentant Hall & Oates fan from way back, and am on the Blind Boys train more recently. Can't wait to hear the meeting of the two, Sal.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I think he's smarmy.

steves said...

G.E. is a great guitarist but he's known as much for his over-emoting as his for his chops. Personally, I think he's pretty darn good and was an excellent accompanist for Dylan (as long as you didn't look at his mug). That said, I've always loved the Blind Boys of Alabama. And, like you, Sal, I was surprised, but not really, that Hall got his start singing in the church. Thanks for this!

Robin said...

I love the Blind Boys they have another one of my favorite holiday records. I am a bit of a holiday music junkie, I have countless CD's. I am now out of the closet as a true holiday music lover! I do understand others disdain for it though.

Because I don't listen much to regular radio it doesn't really get too played out for me, and because I have so much of it, some if it just more winter oriented (George Winston's "December" for example), or just plain enchanting (Charlie Brown/Vince Guaraldi) rather than Christmas, my ears don't get as tired perhaps. I really love listening to Underground Garage on Sirius especially during Christmas, they mix up their normal playlist with some really fun holiday stuff.

I was never in love with Hall and Oates (though I adore Sara Smile), I've studied voice for years and I respect a good voice when I hear one and Daryl has one for sure. I think "smarmy" might have been what I felt about him too for a while. I've come to love him more and more w/Daryl's House, he's got great taste.

BTW- Chrissie Hynde does a gorgeous "In The Bleak Midwinter" on the Blind Boys of Alabama CD.

Sal I saw your note re Aquas di Marco... and I can definitely see the argument your super talented friend could make for Waters of March being one of the best ever. I was listening to quite few versions over the weekend, but I always come back to Jobim and Regina, the latter being up there with Sinatra for me as a singer. She's extraordinary.

Sal Nunziato said...

The Sinatra/Jobim is one of the finest of an genre. Don't you think?

Robin said...

Yes I totally agree on the Sinatra/Jobim. I am Sinatra/Riddle girl myself- and always will be-I am a Sinatra maniac anyway- but when I discovered the Jobim work, I was really blown away, a totally different side of Sinatra. In fact some people who don't think they like FS, when they listen to the Jobim stuff, they realize, "wow there is something to this thing about his phrasing, huh? he's really not so arrogant all the time, is he...? :)