Monday, March 12, 2012

Chuck Prophet's Best Record Yet

It took a month, but I finally got around to Chuck Prophet's new and BEST record, "Temple Beautiful." The thing with Prophet's music is, and I say this in the best possible way, it is all over the place. It's as if the man has released 100 different singles and released them 10 at a time, spread out over 20 years.

This is not to say his albums have no cohesion. They do. But, the man is beyond capable. He could punch out perfect power pop, southern soul, swamp blues and plain ol' rock and roll with a shift of his capo.

"Temple Beautiful," released back in February, works best for me. His words cut, occasionally Dylanesque, and every song is musical, whether U2 moody like "Museum Of Broken Hearts, or the title cut, which sounds a bit like Iggy Pop doing Motown.

This album is killing me. Head to tail.

This is the first single, "Castro Halloween." You're gonna dig ti!


cmealha said...

You're right. I do dig it.

Robin said...

Yes, best Chuck ever. It's definitely in rotation in the car, I can't get enough of it. "Museum of Broken Dreams" and "Willie Mays is Up at Bat" are my two faves right now. You are right it's more focused, laser sharp, all his talents, influences and his vision are playing nice with each other here. (Perhaps it's the subject, his beloved San Francisco, that gave an assist here).

I also am really enjoying some stuff from his wife Stephanie Finch, particularly the song "Sensitive Boys", written by Chuck and his buddy Alejandro Escovedo, on her 2010 album, Cry Tomorrow.

buzzbabyjesus said...

From what I've heard, it's actually worth buying.

James A. Gardner said...

It's my first Chuck and won't be my last. I bought the album after hearing the title track on Underground Garage, and it's solid, start to finish.

Anonymous said...

I was never big on him. But I agree, this album is truly special. I bought it because Brad Jones produced. I had no idea how much I'd love it.

John Saeger said...

So far, Temple Beautiful is my favorite record of the 2012 (so far). "Willie Mays Is Up To Bat" is also becoming one of my favorite songs of late. I liked 2002's No Other Love as well... but this record easily trumps it.

Troy said...

Looking forward to checking this out. Sounds terrific.

BTW, I noticed on your list of what you're currently listening to that you have the new Jon Cleary CD with the Allen Toussaint tunes. What do you think of it? Should I be looking forward to it as much as I am?

Sal Nunziato said... me.

Big Jim Slade said...

I knew his name but nothing much about him when I took a chance on a cheap ticket to see him when I was in DC a couple years ago (OK, northern Virginia). It was $14 well spent -- a great show, and he stayed afterward to sign things and chat. He was comfortable and witty. I liked what he said about Texas. Paraphrasing, he said, "Texas is fine, but they're a little full of themselves there. They have Texas chili, Texas football... We have football in California. You know what we call it? Football."

Anyway, I'm a big fan of Soap and Water - so, thanks for the tip on this one. I used to get emails Yep Roc, but I hadn't heard about this one. Heck, I was just in Ameoba Music (Hollywood) today, I could've picked it up!

Instead I picked up a bundle of other stuff: Television (the "other" album, if you only count their first 2), Marvin Gaye deluxe editions (3 different ones), 2 The Fall collections, Byrne/Eno, a Sparklehorse, Mauricio Maestro (Brazilian, check it out if your into that) and Edu Lobo (more Brazilian) - you know, the usual stuff ;-)

tinpot said...

'No Other Love' and 'The Hurting Game' are still my fave Chuck albums, but this one is pretty damn good. Impressive that after a dozen albums and 20 years into his solo career, CP is still at the top of his game. Thanks for spreading the word, he should be huge! The good news (for us) is that you can still see him live in small clubs, etc. And he is dynamite live.

A walk in the woods said...

Wow - this is major! I'd only heard his name a little previously, no clue about him... and I have to say, when the song you posted started up, I thought, "Naw, not for me." But as the song went on it kinda gets in your brain. He's got that Richard Hell combo of NYC 'tude and sharp power-pop chops.

Listened to some more of it on Amazon. OK - I'm sold! I'll pick it up - I think it's even out on vinyl.