Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date: 3/13/12


Lee Fields has been making records for a very long time, first as a James Brown wannabe in the seventies, then years later, he returned singing the blues. He became hipster fashionable when the fine people at Daptone took an interest and in 2009 released "My World," a good but not great collection of retro-soul.

It is Fields' new release "Faithful Man" that really hits the mark. The record, of course, has the sound of a lost 60s soul classic, but it doesn't rest on just that. The songs are strong and Fields delivers them in a big way. The title track is a soulful screamer--think Percy Sledge via James Brown. The first single "You're The Right Kind Of Girl" evokes an early 70s sound and would not be out of place on the Philly International roster. Fields also serves up a cover of the Stones classic "Moonlight Mile" that is simply amazing.

Check it all out HERE


There is a new record from Meat Loaf, a live record from The Decemberists and the debut from X-Factor winners One Direction, a British boy band who are apparently the new Beatles, Elvis and Wham all wrapped up in one. There's a new Delta Spirit album, a new Ting-Tings album, and a new release from Impending Doom called "Baptized In Filth."

I'm sticking with the Lee Fields today.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I love "Moonlight Mile" and can't wait to hear this one.

Ken D said...

Impending Doom has a new one? How did I miss that?
"Baptized in Filth"... wow, sounds like it'll be a real toe-tapper.

From WikiPedia:
<< [Impending Doom] refers to its style of Christian metal as "Gorship" - a portmanteau of gore and worship. The band also clarify on their MySpace blog that "Gorship" is their way of worshiping God through their gore sounding music; not worshiping "gore" as some are led to believe. >>

Also interesting to discover that their logo is what they call a "repentagram."

And here I thought I was too old to learn new things...

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Ken!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you are a fan, but Lucero released their new album "Women and Work" today. These guys are ever evolving and worth a listen.

A walk in the woods said...

Damn, hell yes! I did NOT care for Field's recent album, like you said - it tried hard, but no inspiration. But this one does sound really nice. And anybody that picks "Moonlight Mile" to cover out of all available Stones songs is a singer after my own heart. I'll have to pick this one up! Good call --

Kodak Ghost said...

I think we have a clear view on your take on the Fleet Foxes! But havn't heard/read a comment about the Decemberists!

Friend of mine (living in China) after Davey Jones demise. "I'm a berever".
I'll keep a look out for Lee Fields. Sounds up my street. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You know me, better late than never. Played catch-up on what I've missed. I would be curious to hear your opinion of the Caetano Veloso / David Byrne Live at Carnegie Hall release from Tuesday.
Not a first listen for me.. not even sure it's a second or third. But maybe you have something inspiring to write about it?
Other than your aforementioned releases, - slow new release week, eh?

Sal Nunziato said...


A friend just turned me on to Lucero, but so far the new one has left me cold.


I don't love The Decemberists. I thought their most recent with Gillian Welch on board was damn good, but nothing before ever hit me. Plus, I have an unreasonable dislike for them since they closed out the Fais-Do-Do stage at the New Orleans Jazz Fest last year, which is a slot that should have rightfully been given to locals. That's not The Decemberists fault, but I did say I was unreasonable.