Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Open Your Windows & Crank It!" : The Mid-Week Mix

You can thank the mah-velous NYC weather for this pre-weekend "Weekend Mix." There is summer smell in the air. (Not, not that smell. The good smell.) My windows are wide open, the sun feels glorious, and this mix just felt right.

Enjoy your hump day!


Somethin' Hot- The Afghan Whigs
Moment Of Truth- Earth, Wind & Fire
Total Destruction To Your Mind- Swamp Dogg
Money- The Everly Brothers
Achin'- The Plugz
Forget All About It- Nazz
Let Me Know- Locksley
Drip Drop- Dion
Joy- Lucinda Williams
My Pledge Of Love- Joe Jeffrey Group
Filipino Box Spring Hog- Tom Waits
Don't Let A Good Thing Go- Ollie & The Nightingales
Baby Jane- Otis Clay
Happy Jack- Southern Culture On The Skids
Bonzo Goes To Bitburg- The Ramones
Wash Us Away- Ian Hunter
Make Your Own Kind Of Music- Paul Westerberg
The E-Street Shuffle (Live) - Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Bamd with The Roots




Thanks Sal.

This has been a good week for music -- Chuck Prophet, Lee Fields and now this mix. And it's only Wednesday!

I can't bring myself to wear shorts yet (like some I see on the streets) but this is crazy nice weather!

Enjoy the sunshine

steves said...

Great comp, Sal! I'd never heard that Everlys' cover of "Money" before, and immediately went searching to see when they recorded it...1965, so I guess that makes it their cover of the Beatles' cover. Still pretty sweet...

And, speaking of the Beatles' cover: The same site where I got the information about the Everlys' track--Second Hand Songs--revealed it was released on Nov. 22, 1963 (I'm guessing in Great Britain only).

But I bet you already knew that. ;-)

Ken D said...

Looks like a great mix.
But why nothing from "Baptized In Filth"? Too soon to be considered classic?

James A. Gardner said...

Top-down weather here, too. Maybe even on the car! This will be great for blasting down the road. Ah, "My Pledge of Love"...doesn't get any better than that. Thanks.

Leon said...

Le-e-e-e-t the sun-shiiiine in....

Thanks for what looks like a great mix. Cool to see Earth Wind & Fire work its way into your playlist, I don't associate that group with your tastes. They're pretty great.

1001songs said...

What a terrific surprise it has been to finally discover your music blog. I borrowed two of your tunes recently for one of my "Six Degrees of Separation" posts on

Again, great stuff!

FD13NYC said...

Nice mix for mid-week. As usual, I have some but not all, and the ones I don't have are cool finds. Going into the Sal's mixes (big folder). Great great!

Sal Nunziato said...

@Leon/ Love EWF up until the "Faces" LP. I especially love the debut on WB.

@ Marcia

I'm looking forward to Byrne/Veloso. I don't think I would have cared at this point if it was either of them. But together, I'm interested.