Saturday, March 3, 2012

Songs Of The Week: 2/25-3/2

(I Wonder) Where Our Love Has Gone- Junior Parker
Where Are We Going- Marvin Gaye
T.N.K.- 801
Couldn't I Just Tell You- Todd Rundgren
I Need You- The Wonders
Treat Her Like A Lady- Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose
ELT- Wilco



cmealha said...

This is nice piece of cake after the main meal. Thanks for doing this.

A walk in the woods said...

Great choices... looking forward to hearing them after seeing them revealed this week... thanks man!

charlie c. said...

Are they songs of the week or songs of the day?
Curious in Canarsie

Sal Nunziato said...

@Curious In Canarsie

Everyday, a new song is posted about half way down on the right. Click the pic, and it brings you to You Tube, where you can listen to what's making me happy that particular day...the "Song Of The Day."

On Saturday, the 7 SOTD are zipped as the Songs Of The Week.

charlie c. said...

That's cool! One zip file said "sotw" and another had the amusing sobriquet "sotd" . . . so I wanted to make sure I was archiving the same project.
Confused, although much less, in Canarsie

(are these robot-proof find-a-words getting harder or is it me?!?)