Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Brooklyn Record Riot

Like last year, my friend Steven and I will be at Sunday's Brooklyn Record Riot. Looks like it's going to be a rainy day, so if you start to experience a little bit of cabin fever, come on by and say hello. Come on! It's North Brooklyn! Doesn't everyone LOVE North Brooklyn?

We'll have close to 1000 LPs, with about 400 going for just $4. (Good stuff, too. Not your standard Andre Kostelanetz and Herb Alpert thrift-store dookey.) There'll be plenty of collectibles, as well, including old R&B, lots of soul, a few New Orleans gems, a smattering of jazz and some good old rock and punk, too.

After the info below, I've posted my own want list. If you have anything and wanna have a little bartering fun, I'm up for it. Hope to see you. 

Sunday, April 22nd
Warsaw, 261 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Venue phone: (718) 387-0505 ‎
Noon-7 PM
Admission only $3
Early admission 10 AM $20
Almost 60 dealer tables
LP’s, 45′s, CD’s, DVD’s, Collectibles, Cheap Stuff, $1 Room, more
Live DJ’s
Great Polish Food
Soft (and hard) drinks
As just about everyone knows (I’m sure) Record Store Day is Saturday and we’re hoping the festive spirit continues on throughout the rest of the weekend. If you do miss RSD and/or miss out on some of the exclusive releases, I do know there will be a couple of dealers at the show who will have some of the releases, so you may get another shot at the things you missed the day before.


Santana- Lotus
Wire- Pink Flag
Wire- Chairs Missing
Velvet Underground- 1st 4. (could be second or third pressings. just not recent reissues)
Black Sabbath- Master Of Reality
Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Colin Blunstone- One Year
Bobby Fuller 4- I Fought The Law (The more common MONO version on Mustang)
Alice Cooper- Billion Dollar Babies (Green WB or Palm Tree is fine)
The Wild Magnolias- They Call Us Wild
Dead Boys- Both
The Meters- Rejuvenation
The Meters- Cabbage Alley
Mott The Hoople- Mad Shadows
Sam & Dave- Double Dynamite (Mono)
Frank Zappa- Freak Out
The Getaways (Chris Etheridge)- L.A. Getaway
Squeeze- UK Squeeze (red)
Jerry Lee Lewis- Live At the Star Club (NOT Bear Family reissue)
Simon & Garfunkel- Bookends (Mono- US)
Donny Hathaway- Live
Staple Singers- Hammer & Nails (1962 Riverside)
John Coltrane- Ole (Mono)
Irma Thomas- I Wish Someone Would Care
Herbie Hancock- Takin' Off
Sparks- Angst In My Pants
Tom Petty- Full Moon Fever
Marty Robbins- Gunfighter Ballads (6-eye mono)
Dean Martin- Pretty Baby
Aretha- Lady Soul (MONO)
Caetano Veloso- Cores, Nomes
Jimmy Smith- Prayer Meetin'
Jackie McLean- New Soil


cmealha said...

"North Side Gal" is fantastic!

Sal Nunziato said...

Cmealha...just saw him play last night. Amazing. Check out the album. It's all fantastic.

Jeff Matthews said...

I think I have Pink Flag (and a few others on your wish list) - let me check when I get home and maybe xmas can come early for you this year. I will be attending RSD in Chicago this Saturday representing the local chapter of the Burning Wood Fan Club

jeff k said...

Big JD phans out here in Portland. Saw him back Nick Lowe. He played an entire set solo and was terrific.

FD13NYC said...

IMHO, and please, this is not to be taken offensively by anyone. I really can't understand the obsession with vinyl and CDs at this stage of the game.

Although I still have about 1200 CDs in my collection, for the past 9-10 years I've graduated into the mp3 world, around 11,000 of them. Especially, because musically you can get anything you want for free on the Internet, to me, it a wonderful thing. As far as vinyl collecting goes, been there, done that. In my life I've been to many record shows. It's a far memory, but a good one.

To me now, it the music that's important. Grabbing it fast and having it. Not the physicality of the covers and all that. Which still intrigues some people, and that's fine.

Oh well, I guess to each his own. If you still feel it, go have fun and knock yourselves out.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts as always, FD.

Derek D said...

Donny Hathaway Live is classic, featuring ridiculous Willy Weeks bass playing - I had the CD and got the new vinyl reissue recently. I also just found at lunch "All the Good Ones are Taken" and "Too Late the Hero" for a buck each... have a good time at the record show.

Sal Nunziato said...

@ Jeff M. That's very nice of you.

Thanks DD. How is that Donny reissue? Some of those "new" reissues have given me problems.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I have a digital file of a needle dropping on a scratchy record, which I almost always include at the top of a compilation cd.
That sound still makes me drool in a Pavlovian fashion.
Analog arguably sounds better, just like I prefer to play through a tube amp.
mp3's are probably a slightly worse sonic compromise than a cassette tape copy of an lp.
The only thing better about them is convenience.
And lately, thanks to Megaupload, finding everything for free has become a lot more complicated.

FD13NYC said...

bbj, the sound of mp3s aren't that bad, at least it's clean. In my old age I like convenience. Convenience is good. Never much cared for the sound of scratchy records, or those 45s that weren't centered or pressed right and wobbled all the way through, very annoying. But that's all we had then. My records, I tried to keep mint.

Anyway, most of the sites and blogs are using Mediafire. So it's still easy to download free stuff, for now.

How about that solo Beatle comp bbj. Is there anyway you could zip it to me. Would appreciate it. Do you have a blog you could stick it on? If not, that's cool.

Oh and Sal, I'm glad you're not selling your Herb Alpert records.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Convenience is why I accept whatever compromise comes with collecting mp3's. They're "greener" than cd's.
One way or another i'll post the Beatles comp and it will be available to anyone interested.

FD13NYC said...


steve simels said...

Hey Sal --

Gonna be in Brooklyn Sunday anyway, and my significant other claims to know a fantastic restaurant near the Record Riot. Hope to see you!!!