Thursday, April 19, 2012

Levon Helm, R.I.P.

A true original, and someone who has never failed to bring me pleasure from the very first time I heard his voice sing the words "I pulled in to Nazareth...," the great and legendary Levon Helm has lost his battle with cancer.

Take a load off, Levon.

You will be missed.


jeff k said...

too soon gone

Troy said...

Very sad news. I'm thankful for his gifts and talents, and that he shared them with all of us.

JB said...

Surrounded by family and friends, and leaving behind a remarkable and beloved musical legacy. Not a bad way to go. Thanks for everything Levon.

Anonymous said...

Farewell, Levon

"Don't want no sorrow For this old orphan boy I don't want no crying Only tears of joy"

FD13NYC said...

Once dead, that's it. Fsde To Black. The Big C shows no mercy. Very vicious. At least we still walk around. Excerpt from the book My Life by Fivel Jachrine

Ken D said...

A master musician and by all accounts, a true gentleman.
I had his "Electric Dirt" album playing in the car this morning. Chills from "When I Go Away." Even a non-believer like me can hear someone truly "bound for glory."

Won't get preachy but a good way to honor Levon would be to quit smoking or help someone you care about to stop.