Friday, April 27, 2012

Keef & The Fest Companion Part 2 : THE WEEKEND MIX(ES)

Fear not, you NOLA unenthusiasts . I have not abandoned you. I just need to get this out of my system. With the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival kicking off today...without dare it...I had one more mix needing to escape. Consider it a small personal consolation to help quell the pangs. Unzip and enjoy the musical representation of my need for Louisiana heat, the food, the smell of magnolia, the sound of Injuns and brass, Gulf shrimp, hot sauce, cold oysters and warm people.

Happy Jazz Fest!

For this special occasion, there will be two Weekend Mixes.

Up first--



Payback Jam (Live/Tips, 1/2/04) - Stanton Moore, John Vidacovich, Ivan Neville & George Porter Jr.
Sing It!- Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Tracy Nelson
Her Mind Is Gone- Professor Longhair
Maison Creole (Live @ The London Car Porch, 5/12/05)- C.C. Adcock
Day Dream- Allen Toussaint
Boom Boom Boom- The Iguanas
See See Rider- George Lewis
Injuns, Here We Come- The Wild Magnolias
Azalea- Hot Club Of New Orleans
When The Levee Breaks- Stanton Moore Trio
What Comes Around- Dr. John
Bayou Maharajah- Harry Connick Jr.
Chameleon/We Want The Funk- Los Hombres Calientes
Loverman/Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live, 12/24/78)- James Booker
Hey Pocky-A-Way- The Meters

The Big Zippy

 Next up....

Self-explanatory, really. I did this years ago and played it in my shop for a week. If it was official, I would have sold enough to retire. Isn't that always the case? Nothing super-rare, just nice all in one spot.


Love Is Strong
You Got The Silver
Make No Mistake
Before They Make Me Run
Wanna Hold You
Thru And Thru
Can't Be Seen
Slipping Away
All About You
Take It So Hard
How Can I Stop
I Wanna Be Your Man
Sleep Tonight
It Means A Lot



Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated.

Thanks for the very cool Keith-comp. Will download it tonight, after work.

As a bonus (of sorts), here's Keith trying to work out the chords to the Beatles Please Please Me:

Tre cool, in my book.



Sal Nunziato said...

Wow, Rich. Never heard that. That was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I've got a bootleg CD (somewhere) of Keith alone with acoustic guitar as part of a 4 disc Voodo Lounge set. That disc contains a lot of noodling around, but a couple of real gems. Please Please Me, was one, Here's another: Keith's take on Cocaine (the original, not EC's song)

Truth be told, I can't believe he never did this song for an album.

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but thought you and your readers might enjoy it.



Sal Nunziato said...

Rich, that 4 CD Voodoo Lounge set is where I got "Love Is Strong" from, but I no longer have discs 2-4. And when I did, I didn't recall (and still don't) Please Please Me.

Chris Collins said...

I'll definitely be listening to the Nola stuff, but I made a Keith mix tape very, very similar to this in 1989 or so. I was obsessed with it.

cmealha said...

Great Keef comp!

Kodak Ghost said...

Well I am amazed. I've never really followed the Stones "offshoots" closely. How wrong I was. Thanks.

cmealha said...

I don't own "Bridges to Babylon". Shame on me for having missed such a great song like 'How Can I Stop'

A walk in the woods said...

TWO great looking mixes - thanks Sal. I'm missing JazzFest this year too so that mix should help, and we always need more Keef.

stu said...

muchos gracias por los mixes, Sal.

Eric said...

Thanks for the Keith compilation. Willard did something similar for Paul, John, and George. I'd always hoped that I would see a collection like this. Well done, Sir!

charlie c. said...

I will certainly get to the Keith mix -- but, considering I am not yet half way through my laundry and the grass out front might be 8 inches high, I think I will curl up with part 2 and resume my spontaneous sobbing . . .

charlie c. said...

Let me say one more thing . . . if you could care less about New Orleans (and I am assuming you love music or wouldn't be here) that Payback Jam track is priceless, please give it a listen . . . perhaps the best thing Sal has ever offered up.