Friday, April 6, 2012

"Ob-La-Do, Ob-La-Don't" : THE WEEKEND MIX

From the new issue of "Q Magazine," courtesy of Rob Fitzpatrick:

"They're the only group in the history of pop music that are actually better than everyone says they are."

Right on, right on.

And then there's this...

The Beatles 2: McCartney Jr. Hints At 2nd Generation Reunion
By Jacob Kleinman | Apr 03, 2012 11:17 AM EDT

McCartney, Lennon and Harrison may be getting back together again, according to Sir Paul McCartney's son. James McCartney, son of the Beatles bass-playing leader, recently told the BCC that he has spoken with John Lennon's son, Sean, and George Harrison's son, Dhani, and the three of them were "up for it."

"Sean seemed to be into it," James added. "Dhani seemed to be into it. I'd be happy to do it."

The only hold out appears to be Ringo Starr's son, Zak Starkey.

"I don't think it's something that Zak wants to do," said James McCartney. "Maybe Jason [another of Starr's sons and also a drummer] would want to do it."

Asked if "The Beatles 2" was really a possibility, James McCartney responded with vague optimism.

"Yeah, hopefully, naturally," he said. "I don't know, you'd have to wait and see. The will of God, nature's support, I guess. So yeah, maybe."

I don't hate this idea as so many seem to. These aren't the sons of Alan Thicke, so put the safety latch back on your peashooters. I'd like to think that the offspring of four brilliant, charming and talented men, have some of those qualities themselves. Dhani, Sean, James and holdout Zak, have made some respectable music on their own, so why not try to do the same together? I don't think this is some cash cow. I mean, really? Unless they call the band "Adele," or "The Beatles Minaj," no one is going to give a rat's ass about this project. That said, if anyone should have the privilege of cashing in on the holy name of The Beatles, it's these kids. They've respected their pops so far. Why should we think that respect wouldn't continue?

All this talk got me feeling a bit Beatle-y. I thought I'd piece together a few alternate faves. Maybe you know'em. Maybe you don't. None of'em made the official 6 disc "Anthology" set.


One After 909 (1960 rehearsal)
I Saw Her Standing There (1962 rehearsal)
Some Other Guy (Live, Cavern Club, 8/22/62)
Bad To Me (John, double-tracked demo)
This Boy (Take 13...John's voice on this one is just breathtaking)
I Should Have Known Better (BBC Rehearsal, no harmonica, but ELECTRIC!)
What You're Doing (Take 11. Everything's better with a false ending)
I Feel Fine (Take 5)
Good Morning, Good Morning (demo)
It's All Too Much- (extended, freak-out version)
I Want You (Shes So Heavy) [early version]
Revolution (Video Version)

Heh heh, yeeaah.



bglobe313 said...

Beatles are always welcome. An official additional 2CD's of stuff not on the Anthologies would be great.

As for the Beatles kid reunion, (i) was this an April Fools joke? (ii) if not, then once again Julian "born out of a whiskey bottle" Lennon gets the shaft. And as far as I have heard he's made the best music of all of them.

To truly add to it, maybe they could get Neil Aspinall's kid with Pete Best's mom to be their roadie/manager. Just a thought?


Ace K.

ASH On The Beat said...

If they want to make music together ok, but of course it's a cash cow.

Zak has said no and he's the best known of all parties over here.


I can see no reason other than cashing in and the publicity it would get.

Let's see what it sounds like, if it ever happens, but I don't hold much optimism.

James stuff is pretty drab in itself.

Sal Nunziato said...

Sorry, I don't see this as a cash cow. That would suggest people are paying attention.

ASH On The Beat said...

But people would be paying attention Sal, they are Sons of The Beatles.

The Record Company would market everything at the fab four.

It'd get a lot of publicity but what would you compare it to, The Beatles of course, may make a bit of money and then never sell anything again.

Unless it's brillian

Sal Nunziato said...

My point is, no one has paid attention so far. Julian came and went. Sean's indie nonsense has always flown under the radar. James and Dhani, same thing. Who bought NewNO2 or Fistful Of Mercy? No one. Put'em all in one room, and you have the Beatles' kids. Everyone'll go, "OMG!" And then, it will die a slow death. you said, it's brilliant. Unless they appear on Idol or X Factor or The Voice, this will be nothing. Of course, none of us are the Beatle kids. So they may be thinking, "THIS WILL BE A CASH COW!"

Remember, I don't know anything.

wardo said...

James McCartney has already picked up his father's skill at creating a "news story" out of nothing, or at least something unlikely to ever happen.

The three junior Beatles most likely to form a band would be Sean, James and Dhani, if only because they're roughly the same age. Zak and Julian could conceivably get together for the same reason. I'm not saying the age proximity is a hard fast rule, I'm just talking about what would be more likely.

I haven't heard James's music. I wasn't impressed by Sean (too wimpy) but a couple of Dhani's songs were okay And I don't think I'd've paid any attention if I didn't know who they were.

That said, this weekend mix looks like a blast, so I'm grabbing it. Thanks, Sal.

Sal Nunziato said...

I strongly recommed Fistful Of Mercy. Dhani, Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur. There is an "All Things Must Pass" vibe going on that I really love.

charlie c. said...

"Dino, Desi and Billy"?
(Couldn't resist . . .)
Maybe Jakob Dylan could introduce Julian and Sean to hydroponically grown marijuana?!? (or was that the other way around?!?)
Perhaps everyone could gather for a mindfulness conference with Misha Farrow and Dylan Eliza Farrow and Summer Love (I wish to God I was making these names up!) Misha and Dylan's (Farrow, not Zimmerman) adopted dad Woody could film the whole thing!
Cash cow -- hell yeah! Only irony is these folks need cash like I need another left-handed monkey wrench!
Speaking of same: Even I wouldn't buy an album with Annabelle Garcia playing a strat!
(does Leo Fender have any kids . . . I gotta check)
“Half of what I say is meaningless . . .”

Sal Nunziato said...

What is it I'm not seeing? Am I not usually the cynical one? Am I giving these lads too much credit?

Robin said...

James has said his comments were blown way out of proportion. I believe he was asked a question and perhaps answered it a little clumsily. I don't think he's "picked up his father's skill at creating a news story out of nothing". He doesn't seem to be as skilled with the media as Dhani is. I am left wondering if some reaction might be different if Dhani had said it instead.

I thought it was a casual "let's play music, see what happens, we share a kinship". Perhaps they just really like playing music together. How do we know? I think it would be fun to see them get together as one off for a charity or tribute show.

I adore "Fistful of Mercy". I listen to it a lot. It has a 70s vibe without seeming retro, there's real thought to it, good playing and singing too.

I think James has potential. I have to listen a bit more. I like two of Sean's songs very much, though he is an acquired taste, Yoko is his mom after all! "Parachute" and "Would I Be the One".

Now the best part of today, even better than having the day off- I'm in Beatles heaven, thank you. "I Should Have Known Better" version is new to me. Hearing something from the Fabs that I haven't heard before is always a special treat. As is the song of the day.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sal, but I think it's pathetic! The ultimate attempt to cash in and undeservedly bask in some of that legendary limelight! Yes, it's difficult being the offspring of the hugely famous . . . boo hoo! I'd rather wangle a ticket for one of those sad PBS oldies revival shows than cough up for this lot! James McCartney sounds about as swift as his dad.

Good on Zak!

Sal Nunziato said...

"I'd rather wangle a ticket for one of those sad PBS oldies revival shows than cough up for this lot!"

I guess you really hated "Fistful Of Mercy." Or, "NewNo2." or Sean's "Into The Sun."

Anonymous said...

Sal, I'm not saying anything like that. What I'm reacting so strongly against is their joint, blatant, attempt to trade on the emotional connection that so many people have with the Beatles (and their own pasts) - and to stage a full-on caricature of them! Sadly, it's truly ancient history - until someone builds a workable time machine, we're not going to be able to relive those times, as much as we may yearn for them.

I'm not savouring raining on the parades of those who might possibly welcome such a show; rather, it's that I've become so weary of the recent (general) trend towards lack of substance in music/tv/films - across the arts, in fact.

This is simply my gut reaction to what I perceive as a harebrained scheme.

Sal Nunziato said...


"it's that I've become so weary of the recent (general) trend towards lack of substance in music/tv/films - across the arts, in fact."

I'm with you a hunnert percent Doc, a hunnert percent." I guess my comment was fueled by the feeling that people are just going to automatically assume exactly what you said.

It's always been a peeve of mine-- the immediate dismissal of music based on something other than the music.

This is on a much different level, but, you know what annoys me more than this Sons Of Beatle thing? The Left Banke touring as the Left Banke, without the singer OR the songwriter. Yes, they are NOT The Beatles, but I find something disguised as something else worse than something that just is what it is.

Sean, James and Dhani have made some good music separately. Is it just not possible they know each other, like each other, and wanted to get together to see what happens?

Anonymous said...

I can definitely agree with you on that, Sal. Yes, it's possible for them to like each other enough to want to get together and make some music - and "it ain't nobody's bizness if they do." However, why make this 'announcement' at all - why not just do it without any fanfare if their motives are unrelated to cashing in on their parents' legendary status? The eyes of money-grubbing record execs are lighting up the galaxy right now, not to mention those on the periphery with anything material at all to gain from this little project.

And forgive my cynicism here, but if Zak doesn't seem interested why the urgency to have the 'other' Starr offspring join, instead of one of their other good (unrelated) friends? ("Maybe Jason [another of Starr's sons and also a drummer] would want to do it.") The magic wouldn't be complete without the DNA of the fab "four," that's why.

I definitely agree that it is extremely narrow-minded to dismiss music when you haven't even had or taken an opportunity to listen to it . . . but I'm afraid that, for me, something just doesn't smell right.

P.S. As I'm sure you know, the Left Banke are just one of many newly constituted conglomerations who are passing themselves off as the 'originals' - such is the hunger of many of us to revisit the "golden days."

Sal Nunziato said...

"And forgive my cynicism here, but if Zak doesn't seem interested why the urgency to have the 'other' Starr offspring join, instead of one of their other good (unrelated) friends? ("Maybe Jason [another of Starr's sons and also a drummer] would want to do it.") The magic wouldn't be complete without the DNA of the fab "four," that's why."'

Good point!

Bada Bing Crosby said...

Howabout a one off for charity? That should take off much of the onus. And Julian, Zak, hell every Beatle offspring should be involved. If Heather, Mary, Stella and Lee Starkey don't play instruments per, se let 'em shake some tambourines a la Betty and Veronica. It would be a big thing.

In the Grooves! said...

I've been thinking about what you said re: the skeleton band of The Left Banke . . . and from there went to how deflated I would have felt if I'd known at the time that the Kinks didn't really play the instruments on "You Really Got Me"; nor the Pretty Things on "Don't Bring Me Down" and "I Can Never Say." I'm grateful now that the illusions remained intact until recently.