Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Someday, Someway: Marshall Crenshaw's Subscription Series

It's been 30 years since Marshall Crenshaw's debut, and I still can't shake just how good it made me feel in 1982. It was, and still is, a perfect record from head to tail. Ten years after that, Marshall released "Life's Too Short," and it just happens to be my second favorite Crenshaw record. A bit bigger in sound, but every nuance, every hook and harmony was pure Marshall.

(In between, he gave us "Field Day," "Downtown," "Mary Jean & 9 Others," and "Good Evening." Just wanted to remind everyone. That's one great run!)

In 2009, Marshall released "Jaggedland," one of the strongest records of his career. This one finds the musician still wearing his influences on his sleeve, with songs that borrow from John Lennon, Buddy Holly, Duane Eddy and more. It's a beautiful album, with strong songs and a vibe that exemplifies a musician who knows how to age gracefully.

I say all this now, and hopefully not too late, because I love what Marshall Crenshaw is trying to achieve with this subscription series. I would love to see this happen, as I know all of you M.C. fans would, as well. 1982's "Marshall Crenshaw" was not a fluke. The man can still make some damn fine music.

So, please take a look at the video. Maybe you'll feel compelled to back him up. I did.


FD13NYC said...

Fantastic concept and idea. I trust him, and will back him up also. I know how I felt when I first played his debut LP, It knocked me out, a real breath of musical fresh air back then. Remember when we saw him at The Ritz?

His music has endured, for me, over the years. A true artist. He deserves it.

Dave said...

I already backed this worthwhile project. But I've been negligent about spreading the word, which I'll try to do online.

Has there ever been a better debut release than "Marshall Crenshaw"?

FD13NYC said...

Debut releases? Yes, there have been many many of them throughout the years. The first Elvis Costello is the first one that comes to mind. Sal, you should do a post about that one.

cmealha said...

I'm on it. Sounds great to me.

Elroy said...

I'm a huge Marshall fan...wish I had the money to back him at the $2K or $5K level - get a live concert at my house!

I also thought Jaggedland was a fantastic album, with his maturity as an artist and as a person really elevating the songs.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm glad you are spreading the word about this, Sal. I was one of the first donators when this came up thru Marshall's Facebook page and I'm glad I did.

C'mon everybody, chip in and tell your music-lovin' friends!

A walk in the woods said...

One more thing - I think Marshall's album from about 10 years ago, "What's In That Bag?" -- although owner of worst album title and worst album cover of both time, double honor -- is one of his very best LPs. Loaded with great cuts. "Alone In A Room" from that LP is the shining highlight. Saw him play that one solo acoustic here in Atlanta once and man, it's one of my fave concert memories. Check that LP out.

And yes, again, put some dollars into this effort and tell a friend!

Sal Nunziato said...

Boy, do I LOVE "Alone In A Room."

Troy said...

The song that always killed me was 'Television Light' from #447.

bglobe313 said...

"Television Light" you betcha. One of his best songs, and he has written a bunch of good ones.

Also, a pretty funny guy in concert.

Ace K.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up. i had no idea about this. i jusy donated, i hope he makes the goal. if he does, it'll be thanks to you

Sal Nunziato said...

All those following this, and especially those that contributed...the project has been funded.

Congrats to M.C..

Good work, M.C. fans.