Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Sound Of Bittersweet

Have you ever really listened to "Singalong Junk" off of Sir Paul's solo debut? I thought I had until that damned iPod shuffle smacked me upside the head again.

2:37 of what I bet was considered throwaway upon its initial much of "McCartney" still inexpicably is... "Singalong Junk" captures a Beatle's lifetime in what I feel is one of the most hauntingly beautiful melodies ever written. But what struck me on this particular go-around were the counter-melodies, specifically, the two being played on the bass and the low strings of the electric guitar, respectively.

That McCartney is playing everything is also slightly mind-boggling. Not because there is anything too complicated. But because this track does not have the one man demo-ey feel that a lot of the album has. It has layers of music that belie its brief running time and its trifling existence.

Wednesday, 4/18, 2012. I'm calling it.

"Singalong Junk" is a masterpiece.


Robin said...

Yes it is one of the most gorgeous melodies ever, loaded with feeling without being too heavy, he's a master at that. Perhaps the most touching piece he's written. Paul is very deep, despite his glibness, very emotional. The loss of his mom as a teen... I think this is where it's exposed- in the haunting tunes. He seems to express emotion more musically than with lyrics (which I still think are better than he's given credit for. The man wrote "For No One" after all).

Sal I just want to add thanks for the Cleary, now my new favorite and I didn't get a chance to post about Ann Peebles. She's a queen, a master. "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" made me a believer. She gets under your skin.

wardo said...

I've always loved that version, and have easily listened to it more than the vocal. Besides allowing you to concentrate on the melody, I think it's just the hint of Mellotron strings than add to the ache. A wonderful piece of music.

buzzbabyjesus said...

That first album has a lot to offer.
For my own entertainment I've assembled another "Beatles" album from their first solo albums. Interesting that both Paul and John chose spare underproduction while George and Ringo went for a really big sound.
Anyway it's a fun excercise, and makes for a good album.

Instant Karma
Every Night
Fool To Care
Hot As Sun(Glasses)
I'd have you Anytime
That Would Be Something
Beware Of Darkness
Lovely Linda
It's Going To Be A Great Day
Apple Scruffs
Teddy Boy
Sentimental Journey
It's Johnny's Birthday
Cold Turkey
Maybe I'm Amazed
Isn't It A Pity
My Mummy's Dead

FD13NYC said...

A very nice instrumental, showcasing his talent while breaking out of The Beatles. A masterpiece? Hmmm, maybe not. But it does raise some goose bumps, that a man could write a piece of music like this. Which he proved long before his first solo effort.

Oh and, bbj, good comp, well done. Could you post it somewhere in a zip file? I'd like to have it. I'd do it myself but don't have the time.


I just read the Allmusic review of McCartney -- meow!

Haven't listened to this record in years but I'm enjoying it bigtime today.

Thanks Sal.

A walk in the woods said...

One of my favorite little tiny tunes. That whole first album of his has some great moments. RAM, too.

And nice mix, buzzbabyjesus!

Albert said...

1970....early April(I think)....John Incantalupo and I formulating plans in the choir loft of St. Rose of Lima church in Flatbush on when, where and how to buy McCartney I......loved it it now.........a homemade organic classic almost concept-in-structure....a glimpse into a loving man's life.....

Anonymous said...

Buzzbabyjesus: Not familiar with "It's Going to be a Great Day" from any early solo record. You're not thinking of "Great Day" from Flaming Pie, are you?

steve simels said...

Couldn't agree more about this one. Have loved -- nay lurved -- it since the LP first came out.

A guy called Tak said...

"Junk" has been my favorite tune Paul ever written.

stivseed said...