Friday, August 17, 2012

"Singalong Burning Wood": THE WEEKEND MIX

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but I've always felt like the theme was a bit trite. Then on Tuesday, I caught Marshall Crenshaw's fantabulous late afternoon set at City Winery where he thankfully played a bunch of songs from his last release "Jaggedland." (A truly amazing record!) Next morning, I felt like hearing said album, and that was when I decided, everyone must hear that  title song.

And here we are. Music. No lyrics.

The title of the mix is a bit misleading, as more than half of the songs never had lyrics to begin with. But, if I may say so, I love the way this turned out.


"Sal, The best example of band transformations I know is the Doobie Brothers, starting out as a loose, jammy, biker bar band, and turning into a naugahyde sofa cover. "

Might be my favorite thing all year. Thanks, JAG, for that comment.

And speaking of the Doobie Bros, I've always thought their hits were so much worse than their albums cuts like "Another Park, Another Sunday." "South City Midnight Lady." "Wheels Of Fortune." And the track that opens up the mix, from "Stampede." Great playing.

The Beatles track will speak for itself.  Chills. Over and over again.

This version of the B.J. Thomas hit is sublime. There is some bleed, as it is not an officially released backing track, but what a beauty. Same thoughts on "Rain On The Roof."

And don't tell me that modulation in "A Summer Place" doesn't knock you out.

And of course, the inspiration for this Weekend Mix, "Jaggedland." So beautifully sad and so melancholy.



Slat Key Soquel Rag- Doobie Brothers
And Your Bird Can Sing- The Beatles
Jack's Tune- Southern Culture On The Skids
Sombre Reptiles- Brian Eno
Hooked On A Feeling- B.J. Thomas
Jaggedland- Marshall Crenshaw
Bernadette- The Funk Brothers
Someday We'll Know- New Radicals
Rain On The Roof- The Lovin' Spoonful
Sidewalk Cafe- Todd Rundgren
Underneath The Bunker- R.E.M.
Bron-Yr-Aur- Led Zeppelin
Singalong Junk- Paul McCartney
Theme From "A Summer Place"- Percy Faith




I take it the lack of comments are a tribute to the instrumental theme!

I dig the mix AND it reminded me to go back and play Jaggedland -- what a great record!

Have a great weekend

vanwoert said...

nice mix on a rainy day in PA. "West of Bald Knob" from #447 has always been a favorite Marshall Crenshaw instamental.

A walk in the woods said...

Nice mix Sal - some unexpected surprises here. I'd never heard an instrumental version of 'Rain On The Roof' (nice) and the instrumental of 'Someday We'll Know' is a major find for me. The New Radicals' one album is probably my favorite single album of all time. Thanks a lot for that.

And I agree about that Marshall Crenshaw album. Have you heard about his Kickstarter project? Luckily I got in on that as a $50 backer so I'm looking forward to hearing some music from that soon.

Sal Nunziato said...


I am right there with you on that New Radicals album. That instrumental came from the UK single for "Someday We'll Know," which also had a non-LP b-side. Do you know the Hall, Oates and Rundgren version of this song? Pretty amazing, too.

And check this out:

Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of the instrumental unless it is a big surf tune but this is a nice mix.



A walk in the woods said...

Ha! Typical of my sense of recall, I forgot about a post I even commented on... right on!

soundsource said...

in the words of a teenage girl of facebook
OMG Bernadette

Anonymous said...

and in the words of an old guy hearing a tune by an old group i've never heard that blows me away -

OMG Slat Key Soquel Rag by DOOBIE BROS!! What a tune!

Hilbillee said...

Southern Culture on the Skids seems to have an instrumental on each album which sounds different from the rest of the album but always flows right in. Thanks for the posts (especially the Dominators).