Saturday, August 18, 2012

Songs Of The Week- 8/12-8/17

Two Of Us- The Beatles
Solitary Man- Neil Diamond
Hearts Of Stone- Bruce Springsteen
Pot Kettle Black- Wilco
Why Should I Love You- Kate Bush
The Night I Heard A Scream- 20/20
No More Sad Refrains- Sandy Denny



iggy said...

Great songs of the week, Sal. Thanks so much. Made my day...


A walk in the woods said...

That Kate Bush sounds seriously like a lost Prince track. Nice!

Sal Nunziato said...

That's because Prince sings and plays on it. Good call.

James A. Gardner said...

The Solitary Man era is the only Neil D. I rate, and this track rates esp. for including my wife's name and mine in the same verse. A couple decades before she and I met.
So I guess he's prescient, too. Amazing.