Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Third Of "Walk Like A Giant"

Here is the new "single" and video from Neil Young & Crazy Horse. I'm digging it, though I'm feeling like our boy sabotages the tune with that irrtitating whistling section. The song runs close to 16 minutes on the upcoming album "Psychedelic Pill." Use your imagination.


buzzbabyjesus said...

It sounds exactly like Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The whistling made me want to hear The Meat Puppets "Whistling Song" instead, so I only gave Neil 1:07. Check it out. It's what you wish the new Neil Young & Crazy Horse album sounded like.

The Whistling Song (1982)

whattawino said...

I like the whistling part! Sounds like Neil and the Horse
and if ya want ya go...

Bill said...

Hi Sal--

Digging the Neil. I'm really looking forward to the new album. Thinking about splurging for the show at the Garden.

Wanted to give a special mention to today's Song of the Day--that Paul Carrack album is a good one and is a great companion to the Nick Lowe albums of the same period.

And the Bram Tchaikovsky album is a buried gem from the 70s New Wave. Girl of My Dreams and Lady from the USA never go out of style.