Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today's Public Service Announcement:

Go and listen to all three records by The MC 5! You won't be sorry.

(And why aren't these records talked about more often?)


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, always overshadowed by the Stooges. DC's Ian Sevonius of The Make-Up and Nation of Ulysses was influenced by them in the 80's, along with a couple of other punk bands whose names i can't quite recall, but it's hard to find a band trying to combine so many styles in one sound these days.

Aaron said...

Hell yeah. One of my favorite pieces of footage from some documentary.

Note the traffic going by behind them.

ken49 said...

Also their second album had some good originals but some lame covers. And the sound was extremely tinny, no bottom. I think they lost a lot of momentum. The followup album was much better.

steve simels said...

What Sal said.

And it can't be said enuf.

TimfromGR said...

and after you're done with the MC5 records, move straight on to the Dictators catalog.