Friday, October 5, 2012

"October 2012" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Here it is.

It mostly consists of what's been in heavy rotation lately here at Casa de Cranqui

"Cajun Waltz" by Taj just knocks me out.

"Soul Brother" from Todd Rundgren does the same.

I was happy to revisit the Mississippi Sheiks. Thank you Mr. Dylan for the reminder on "Tempest."

A big thank you also to my friend Jeff Matthews for his fine new music featuring the great Earl Slick and the great Mark Hudson. (How 'bout that bridge?)

Feeling a bit melancholy too, which explains a few selections.

Sandy Denny, I love you.

As always, I think it sounds good altogether.



James A. Gardner said...

Nothing But A Heartache is one of the greatest pop singles ever, all the way. Every mix should begin with it.

soundsource said...

you really did get an actual laughing out loud not just a bunch of letters when I say the Casa Di Cranqui line

Jeff Matthews said...

Well, obviously this is my favorite BW Mix yet! To be musically sandwiched between Paul (don't call me Phil) Collins and Todd R - The Beat Goes on Forever! Happy weekend - will be enjoying your melancholia, Sal.

buzzbabyjesus said...

"I'd buy that for a dollar".

-TV in Robocop



I'm diggin the mix -- thanks. And the thing I'm gonna steal from this post for sure is "Casa de Cranqui" -- you've been reading my mail!

Have a great weekend.

James A. Gardner said...

Oh, I have to make the same comments I make whenever Harlem Nocturne shows up. I can't believe the same guy (Earl Hagen) wrote it and the Andy Griffith Show theme. And this version's terrific, but my fave is the one by The Viscounts.

A walk in the woods said...

I always look forward to these. Thanks Sal!

Robin said...

Melancholia=great mix. Perfect for the rainy Sunday and my canceled plans on that day. Thank you.

dogbreath said...

Some great selections as always, but Everybody Have A Good Time followed by Limp? Ouch! Thanks & hope you have a good weekend

iggy said...

Thanks so much, Sal. Nice mix and, for me, always educational too. Best regards,


long live rock 'n' roll said...

I love Taj Mahal seen him twice and he was fantastic both times.