Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Only Rock & Roll, But I'm Not Liking It So Much

I've started a discussion over at Burning Love? about the Rolling Stones, one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, and a band that sits quite high on my all-time list. Even as I hit the "publish" button, I wasn't quite sure of what I wrote.  I am truly torn by all of this.

I want to like what I've been hearing from this 50th Anniversary tour, but it all sounds so forced. Slow and painful. Perfunctory. It makes me unhappy.

Yet so many Stones fans are watching and listening with such excitement. What are they hearing or not hearing? What am I not hearing?


Joelhb53 said...

I spent $45 on PPV Saturday night. I thought the show was great, except for the useless guests. Seemed like everyone but Charlie was having a good time. Songs sounded great too.

Mark Pollock said...

Slow and uninspiring, and Blige was horrible. Saw Bruce twice this tour, and the contrast is striking: whereas even the oldest songs seemed infused with new life, gaining meaning and force from their new context amid the new material, the Stones seem like their doing an oldies tour, hoping everyone sees and hears them through memories of when they mattered.

steve simels said...

Several of the performances were stellar, I thought; a higher percentage than any recent Stones show I've seen, including the Scorsese movie. A lot of it was the sound -- it was mixed like a club gig, not a stadium show.

And this was pretty much the first time I've EVER thought Ronnie Wood actually shined.

A walk in the woods said...

I dunno... except for "forcing" a duet as in this cut, I like it, actually. Not sure if it's worth $800, but really, not bad.

HippieGirl21 said...

I love The Stones. I just bought their new album last night and love almost every song on it, even though I have those songs on other albums. I actually just bought it for those 2 new tracks "Doom and Gloom" and "One More Shot". Those are, so far, the best new songs they've written so far. I love these guys and will still love their music until the day I die!