Sunday, December 16, 2012

Songs Of The Week: 12/8-12/14

I'm Not In Love- 10cc
Maybe Someday You'll Call My Name- Edgar Winter Group
Love's Melody-Ducks Deluxe
Little Atoms- Elvis Costello
Sitting In My Hotel- The Kinks
Rainy Day Parade- Jill Sobule
Dark Black- Kristina Train




Jill Sobule and Kristina Train -- yeah baby!

I first heard of Kristina Train with your review of Spilt Milk. Not sure how I missed the new record. I look forward to hearing more.

Thanks Sal!

J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal.

cmealha said...

Edgar WInter was one of those bands I loved for a period. This is one great track that I haven't heard in ages. Thanks for bringing it back to memory.
Still unsure of the new Kristina Train album as a whole but this is one phenomenal track. Hope you've turned on a bunch to her. Her first album was phenomenal. I think my issue with the new album is that it's a new sound, a type which I normally love, but I don't it showcases her talents as much as the production on the first album. I've also not spent much time with it except for this cut and "Dream of Me" but I'm willing to commit extra time to it as there is a bunch of promise in these 2 songs.

cmealha said...

P.S. Never heard of Ducks Deluxe but I loved, loved, loved this cut. Great pop! Wish I had written it. Maybe I will.

Sal Nunziato said...


Ducks Deluxe is Nick Garvey before the Motors and Martin Belmont before GP & The Rumour.

A guy called Tak said...

Jill Sobule and Kristina Train - I like them both! Even though they are totally different kind, but maybe that's why I like them.
Kristina's new album is surprisingly good, considering it's her second album.(You know what they say about sophomore jinx...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Nice share loved the Kinks Jill Sobule and the Kristina Train tracks.