Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is It My Birthday Or His: Part 2

You busy for the next 2 hours?

Jimmy Page celebrates his 69th birthday today.

I wanted to post that damn version of "Celebration Day" from 1971 that I listen to obsessively, but came across this. I can't imagine how this has remained untouched on You Tube, as Led Zeppelin's people are notorious for striking down even the most harmless internet offenders, as I witnessed first hand when I received a very scary e-mail for simply asking "Is there anyone interested in some original, rare Japanese Led Zeppelin live CDs?" on a LZ message board. True story.

This show, available on the official DVD, is a killer. But if you've delegated only 5 minutes of time to Burning Wood for today, check out the opener.


buzzbabyjesus said...

At about 26 minutes Jimmy begins "White Summer" which is really the traditional melody "She Moved Through The Fair" he nicked, along with the DADGAD tuning, from Davy Graham. Just one of many stolen ideas he's famous for.

Bombshelter Slim said...

It's kinda funny, around the time of "III" (and I blame "The Immigrant Song" being overplayed on our local radio station) I completely lost interest in Zep, IV notwithstanding... got back with "Presence" (the ULTIMATE LZ offering)... but everytime I see something like this I wonder "what was I thinking!!??" These guys were the REAL shit, and you can flush everybody else away.

Bombshelter Slim said...

I mean it, this is the real shit

Aaron said...

Have to agree with Bombshelter on this one.

charlie c. said...

I was looking for the Eilen Jewell review and somehow I found this . . . I never knew some of this (Dead vs Zep) - accurate and informed!. I believe the video is still "up" as they say . . . thanks!