Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is It My Birthday Or His?

I certainly didn't expect to wake up to this news. (Thanks, Jeff.)  I like it.

Watch the video.


cmealha said...

To be honest, when I clicked on the link I expected to be disappointed but I really liked it. But who is that face next to his? For a minute I thought it was Bjork nut that doesn't make sense. Do you know?

A walk in the woods said...

Uh, dang, YEAH! I like that a lot, actually - beguiling. I am one of those unusual folks who prefers to hear Bowie sing "Wild Is The Wind" to many of his more rock songs, so this works very well for me. Nutty little video, too.

That being said: my only caveat is this is another sign of an aging rocker who sounds morose, even moribund. I really hope some folks know it is OK to write an upbeat song past age 60.