Friday, January 4, 2013

"January 4th, 2013" : THE WEEKEND MIX

Today marks the 27th anniversary of Phil Lynott's passing. And while nothing will seem quite as surreal as the night John Lennon was gunned down in front of the Dakota, the loss of Phil Lynott still gnaws at me in many more ways.

Part of it may lie in the lack of recognition Lynott receives as a songwriter. Thin Lizzy is often tossed aside as one-hit wonders thanks to the success of "The Boys Are Back In Town." But their catalogue runs deep. Lynott was a poet, a storyteller. As one friend pointed out, he was "...a real rock star. When he sung about being a cowboy, you believed him. When Jon Bon Jovi did the same, you didn't..."

A long lost friend of mine was a friend of Lynott's. He'd share stories of days spent backstage and in pubs with Phil and other rockers such as Lemmy, Brian Robertson and Pete Way of UFO. He also shared a flat with Phil for a brief time. During that time, Phil gave him some of his things--a keychain, an early edition of his book of lyrics "Songs For While I'm Away," a Thin Lizzy soccer jersey from the "Black Rose" tour and some Lizzy vinyl and test pressings. Knowing how much of a fan I was, my friend passed it all on to me. I still carry Lynott's keychain wherever I go.

My friend also shared stories of some sad times and Lynott's struggles with drugs and alcohol. He couldn't bear to listen to any of Lynott's post-Lizzy demos because he heard the pain in his voice, some of which he experienced first hand. I hear it too. But I can also hear that pain as early as 1977. Listen to "Dear Lord," from the "Bad Reputation" album. Or "The Sun Goes Down" from "Thunder & Lightning" a few years later. Very powerful stuff.

Today's mix has nothing to do with Phil Lynott. I will get to that in a minute. I just wanted to remember Phil today. He was one of a kind and his music still packs a mean punch. Whether it is rocking hard with the boys or pleading to anyone who will listen, Phil Lynott's output sounds like no other. I strongly suggest the exploration.

Philip Parris Lynott, 8/20/49-1/4/86


I'm gonna fess up and say that this whole mix is simply a clever ruse to get everyone to hear "Take It Off" by The Groundhogs.

The rest? Well, you know what I say.

It sounds good altogether.


Abandoned Luncheonette- Hall & Oates
California Soul The 5th Dimension
Take It Off- The Groundhogs
Zipper Job- ZZ Top
A Girl Who Loves The Stooges- Terry Adams
Migraines & Heartpains- Pokey LaFarge & The South City 3
I Don't Know Why- Rolling Stones
99 lbs- Ann Peebles
East St. Louis Toodle-Oo- Greg Osby
That's All I Am To You- Ray Charles
Rita- Los Lobos
Skate Now- Lou Courtney
Don't Cry No More- Bobby "Blue" Bland
Slow Down- The Young Rascals
The Bomber- James Gang



oldkdawg said...

I hadn't realized this was this was the anniversary date. Just the other day I had dug out his solo albums and put them on the mp3 player to enjoy. Now it's time to put the Lizzy stuff on the player and enjoy that. You should consider a Phil mix. Thanks for all your reminders, insights, mixes and everything else you share with your readers.

Sal Nunziato said...

I had a Phil mix prepped but then remembered getting a take down a few years back when posting something, so I was scared off. It still may happen.

Anonymous said...

Share with us more story about Lynott. pleeeaase.

steve simels said...

"Old Flame" just kills me.


As a wise man once said ... It sounds good altogether!

And ya gotta dig Take It All Off!

Thanks Sal

Jeff Matthews said...

OK, my ignorance - is Take It Off the original version? I only know Alex Chilton's.

Sal Nunziato said...

Yes, but I didn't know Chilton did a version.

Jeff Matthews said...

on High Priest. First track as I recall.

A walk in the woods said...

Nice writing about Phil Lynott. I was wondering why you'd never done a Thin Lizzy-oriented mix before, at least that I'd seen. That is one of the bands I'd never thought twice about before finding your blog, and now based on songs you've posted like "Rosalie" and "Old Flame" - shoulda-been-HUGE-hits -- I've dug deeper and really like that band a lot.

As for today's mix, looks great. I'm interested to hear the Terry Adams song, as well as Greg Osby's take on East St. Louis Toodle-Oo and all the rest, esp the Bobby "Blue" Bland song. I'm a big fan of Bland and don't know that one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

Loved the Los loboa and the Ray Charles especially